NAC Announces the Major and Seed Grant Recipients for FY 2015


62 arts organisations will receive Organisation Development support from the Council’s Major and Seed Grant scheme for the Financial Year (FY) 2015. This year, $14.7 million has been set aside by the NAC for both grants.


Of the 38 Major Grant recipients are three first-time arts organisations: O School, Odyssey Dance Theatre and Intercultural Theatre Institute Ltd. The Major Grant will aid the development of these companies and enhance their contribution to Singapore’s cultural landscape.


The Seed Grant, which focuses on helping emerging, non-profit arts organisations kick-start programmes and operations, will support five first-time recipients from the 24 Seed Grant beneficiaries across different arts genres. The new recipients include The Select Centre, The TENG Ensemble, kids’philharmonic@sg, ArtsWok Collaborative and The Royal Dance-Off.


The three-year Major and Seed Grant funding reflects NAC’s firm support to the overall development and capabilities of our established arts companies. It is also the Council’s commitment to build the next generation of art makers and cultural workers by supporting Singapore’s budding arts organisations.



Annex A - List of FY 15 Major Grant Recipients


Annex B - List of FY15 Seed Grant Recipients


Annex C- Assessment Panel for FY 2015