National Arts Council’s Major Company and Seed Grant Recipients for FY2019


The National Arts Council (NAC) champions the creation and appreciation of the arts as an integral part of people’s lives. The arts have always played an important role in defining our nation’s cultural identity and bringing diverse communities together. We want to continue celebrating cultural diversity as a strength. 


NAC supports the arts through various ways from grants and industry facilitation, to arts housing subsidies and partnerships with the private sector and other government agencies.


Arts funding to the sector will be sustained over the next five years and more in the arts community will benefit from funding support to ensure greater opportunity for new generations of artistic talents to benefit. The strategic priorities for funding are articulated in the Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022), including developing new audiences and building diverse capabilities in the arts.  The Council is also placing emphasis on ensuring sustainability of the arts sector and would like to continue to encourage arts groups to work towards achieving their registered charity and Institutions of A Public Character (IPC) status.


For the FY19-21 grant cycle, NAC will be providing support to 28 Major Companies and 1 Seed Grant Company. In FY19, NAC will be supporting a total of 52 Major Companies and 7 Seed Grant Companies, with close to $16 million.


This year, there are 13 arts groups entering the Major Company’s Bridging and Intermediary tracks.  Companies on the Bridging track will be focusing more on programmes that promote art accessibility, developing new audiences and build appreciation of the arts.  Those taking on Intermediary work will focus on supporting the development of artists and/ or the sector through advocacy, capability development or research. 


One of the arts groups entering the Bridging track this year is the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre.  They will be focusing their efforts on outreach and education programmes to engage the public and the Chinese dance sector.


There are four new entrants to the Major Company Scheme in FY19, namely Objectifs Centre, Sing Lit Station, SA the Collective and the Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble (YPPAE). They are emplaced in the Major Company scheme after their successful completion of the Seed Grant Scheme.


Objectifs Centre will play a key role in building a range of diverse capabilities for the arts sector, with a focus on helping art practitioners and creative individuals with interest in photography and film. In addition, they will create developmental platforms such as artists’ residencies and implement programmes targeted at different segments of audiences e.g. public workshops. Sing Lit Station will be expanding its capability development and youth and public engagement programmes to improve the quality of SingLit, as well as strengthen its outreach to youths and young adults.


SA the Collective will look at building multi-disciplinary, inter-cultural productions with the use of digital technology that have the potential to tour the international arena.  YPPAE will be broadening its educational and public outreach for the traditional form of cross-talk, making traditional arts more accessible to the public.


Please refer to Annexes A and B for the complete list of all Major Company and Seed Grant recipients. For more information on each track under the Major Companies scheme, please refer to Annex C. 

Download Annexes A - C.