Scheme for Developing Artists and Arts Groups

The Scheme for Developing Artists and Arts Groups is targeted at existing practising artists, arts companies, associations and societies, community/amateur arts groups with more than 3 years of practice and a track record of activities and artistic growth.


The aim is to provide such artists and arts groups a suitable and stable space to strengthen their artistic and organisational foundations, and to develop key programmes that will further their artistic, organisational and audience or outreach objectives.


The infrastructure support will be given in the form of a rental grant amounting to 80% of the market rental, capped at $3,000 per month, whichever is lower. This higher quantum (than the Incubation Scheme) is to enable the groups to take on bigger spaces or dedicated studios for rehearsal and practice, if it meets their needs. In addition, artists and arts groups will be required to pay a Service Charge for preventive, routine repairs and general maintenance such as cleaning of common areas, pest control and security. 


The teneacy is for a period of three years, with a maximum tenure of nine years, based on a three-year tenancy cycle for renewal, subject to a mid-term review.


The assessment criteria for the Scheme for Developing Artists and Arts Groups are as follows:

  1. (40%) Sustained artistic development & quality content / programmes
  2. (20%) Active engagement of target audiences/participants/community
  3. (20%) Use of space and contribution to placemaking efforts to realise the vision of the arts centre
  4. (20%) Sound management capabilities & strong governance. Financial ability to make prompt payment and properly upkeep the space
  • Subsequently after 3 years and thereafter, the assessment criteria for renewals are the same as the above criteria.