Arts Centre Scheme


The Arts Centre Scheme targets mature, established arts groups who have the capacity to take on the role of a sector or artform champion, and in operating facilities that can benefit the wider community. These organisations will hold the head tenancy to the properties as an arts centre.


The infrastructure support will be given in the form of a rental grant amounting to 80% of the market rental, capped at $18,000 per month, whichever is lower. 


Aside from taking care of preventive, routine repairs and general maintenance such as cleaning of common areas, pest control and security, arts groups will have to contribute 10% of market rental to a Sinking Fund used by NAC to manage cost repairs and maintenance.


The maximum tenure is 9 years of infrastructure grant, based on a 3-year tenancy cycle for renewal, subject to an annual review.


Shared Facilities open for public hire are also available at the Arts Centres. You can visit respective Arts Centre's website for more information.


For more information on the Sinking Fund policy, visit here.



Arts Centre Announced



155 & 161 Middle Road

Objectifs is a visual arts centre dedicated to photography and film. Through the Centre‘s educational programmes, exhibitions, screenings, community outreach and developmental platform, Objectifs aims to nurture artists, offer a vibrant space for learning and exchange, and cultivate new audiences. The arts centre includes two exhibition galleries, an artist studio, workshop space, a F&B outlet and outdoor courtyards for exhibition.

Visit for more details, contact and for hiring of Objectifs' spaces available for public hire such as the Chapel and Gallery.