Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre are two properties developed under the Framework for Arts Spaces. At these two Arts Centres, shared facilities are availabile to the arts community for hire on a short-term basis for arts activities and projects.


To learn more about our Arts Centres, please visit their respective websites: and


The Framework encompasses 4 schemes:

Framework for Arts Spaces

The arts landscape has evolved tremendously in the last 25 years. From 2000 to 2009, more than 500 arts groups were formed. Furthermore, new working arrangements of artists and arts groups and new types of spaces in creative clusters or community facilities have emerged, presenting a unique opportunity to the NAC to enable and empower today’s artists and arts groups to flourish.


Thus, in December 2010, the Framework for Arts Spaces was anounced to

  1. better support the changing needs of a growing and increasingly diverse arts sector;
  2. provide platforms where artists and arts groups can collaborate with each other, and;
  3. to bring the arts to the surrounding communities.

These schemes are aimed at supporting a wide range of artists and arts groups, each with their own unique financial and logistical needs.




The Shared Facilities are arts spaces available to the arts community for hire on a short term basis for arts-related activities and projects. 


The various types of Shared Facilities offered include Black Box, Project Studio, Dance Studio, Music Studio, Multi-Purpose Hall, Multi-Purpose Room, Seminar Room, Meeting Room, Shared Office Space, Props-making Workshop, Outdoor Spaces, etc.


Shared Facilities are available at Goodman Arts Centre (GAC) and Aliwal Arts Centre (AAC).


For enquiries and bookings of the Shared Facilities please call:

Goodman Arts Centre

- Tel:  6342 5790

Aliwal Arts Centre

- Tel:  6435 0131

You may also email your enquiries to:

Evelyn Tan


Kenneth Chng