The Community/Sports Facilities Scheme (CSFS) is an initiative by the Urban Development Authority. CSFS facilitates the co-location of compatible community and sports uses with highly accessible commercial developments for mutual benefit. 


Since its introduction in 2003, the CSFS has benefited a wide range of community/sports users, including public libraries and non-profit community service provider like eldercare, child care and arts organisations. To date, NAC has supported several arts organisations to onboard CSFS at different commercial developments such as Bugis+, Changi City Point, Funan Mall, Northpoint City and Orchard Central.


To qualify for the CSFS, the community uses should be non-profit in nature and endorsed by a championing government agency. The activities carried out within the CSFS space should have a predominant public outreach component that directly serves the public, and any space for ancillary uses (e.g. offices) should be kept to a maximum of 40% of total GFA of the CSFS space. For additional information on CSFS, please visit URA’s website.


For arts organisations interested in applying for a CSFS space, you may reach out to




To qualify for CSFS, interested arts organisations need to meet the following requirements:


  1. Be a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).
  2. Have a strong community/public outreach programme as a part of the proposed use for the CSFS space.
  3. 60% or more of the total gross floor area of the CSFS space must be used for community/public outreach. Ancillary uses such as offices cannot exceed 40% of the gross floor area.
  4. The non-profit organisation is better enabled to serve its social mission by locating within a highly accessible commercial development.








Arts organisations interested in the CSFS may register your interest with us by emailing Please furnish us with the following details:


  1. Name of Arts Organisation
  2. Contact Person
  3. Contact Number
  4. Space requirement (in square feet)
  5. Brief explanation on the proposed use of CSFS space (not more than 250 words)