Art Housing Scheme

The Arts Housing Scheme was implemented in 1985 to provide affordable spaces to arts groups and artists. Its main purpose is to give arts groups and artists a home within which they can develop their activities and thereby contribute to an active Singapore arts scene.


Under the Scheme, rental charges by the Singapore Land Authority are heavily subsidised by NAC. Utilities and maintenance costs are borne by the tenants.


In conjuction with the Urban Redevelopment Authority, three arts belts of several arts housing properties have been established at Waterloo Street, Chinatown and Little India.


Many properties in these arts belts are pre-war or old buildings such as disused warehouses and old shophouses, and housing arts groups provides an important impetus for artistic creativity. The arts have also helped revitalise and rejuvenate these areas.


To date, over 60 arts organisations and artists are housed in 34 properties comprising of 29 single-tenanted buildings, 3 multi-tenanted arts centres and 2 co-located facilities in Marine Parade (Marine Parade Community Building) and Wisma Geylang Serai.



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The NAC also collects contributions from tenants into a Sinking Fund, to meet routine building maintenance costs. For more information, click here (for Art Housing Scheme tenants) or here (for Arts Centre Scheme tenants).