The Stamford Arts Centre Opening Celebrations has concluded.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to seeing you again at our next event.



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  Phaedra by Siong Leng Musical Association and Guoguang Opera Company  


Catch this ticketed highlight show by Siong Leng –a modern interpretation of a Greek tragedy featuring Peking Opera, Nanyin and Modern Dance.​


For three hundred and sixty-five nights, the Queen wrestles with entangled emotions that are impossible to unravel. In her dreams, it is he who repeatedly shoves her to the ground. She can neither get up nor maintain her balance. Before she could take a good look at his face, or barely begin to fantasize about him “biting her lips”, her dreams would end abruptly. 


The object of her desire is none other than the Prince, her cold and arrogant stepson. 


Painfully aware of her status and responsibilities, she keeps her emotions in check. But when news broke that the King (her husband and his father) has died on the battlefield, she could no longer restrain herself. In his presence, she bares her soul and professes her love for him, only to have her neck slashed on top of being condemned as ‘shameless’ in return. 


With her heart shattered and dignity crushed, the Queen has a final mission to fulfil. The King is alive after all…



Phaedra by Siong Leng Musical Association and Guoguang Opera Company (Theatre)

Black Box

6 Apr, 8pm; 7 Apr, 3pm

Admission at $35, Tickets available on SISTIC 

  Traditional Arts X Digital Technology  

Chinese Opera Stage Tour


5 Apr, 7:30pm onwards; 6 & 7 Apr, All Day 


Walk onto a Chinese opera stage and go on an immersive journey of discovery into the world of traditional Chinese street opera.



SAC Walking Trail 

Main Entrance

5 Apr, 7:30pm onwards; 6 & 7 Apr, All Day 


Learn about the history, features and artists at the Stamford Arts Centre through this hands-on experience! 



Wind·Mystique by Serene Tan


5 Apr, 8:30pm; 6 Apr, 2.10pm, 4.10pm; 7 Apr, 2.10pm, 3.10pm


Come watch this innovative showcase of Chinese dance featuring a new work Wind·Mystique, by Chinese dance artist Serene Tan.

  Lifestyle Activities by LOPELAB  

Art Market 


6 & 7 Apr, All Day


Swing by the art market for some unique finds!



Traditional Childhood Games Experience Centre & Snack Bar 


5 Apr, 7:30pm onwards; 6 & 7, Apr All Day

Drop by to play nostalgic heritage games and refuel with snacks!

  Chill-Out Evening  

Live DJ Sets

DJ Maxlane

Courtyard B

5 Apr, 7:30pm; 6 Apr, 6pm; 7 Apr, 7pm













Safuan Johari is a sound designer, music producer and performer. Sometimes also known as Max Lane, a pseudonym he christened himself for his solo production and performance adventures in the electronic realm, As a sound designer, Safuan has worked on various multimedia art installation and performing arts productions. He is also part of visual arts/sound duo, NADA, an outfit that explores the history of Malay popular culture. 


DJ Maxlane will be presenting traditional and popular songs from the 1950s to the 1980s from South East Asia, include genres like Keronchong, Pop Yeh Yeh, Molam, Funk and Soul.


DJ Itch

Courtyard B 

5 Apr, 8pm; 6 Apr, 7pm; 7 Apr, 8pm










Based in Singapore, DJ Itch is a sound selector who explores sound by mixing different types of music & sounds from ambient, lounge, Jazz, 60/70s garage, soul/funk, Japanese City Pop etc.  In recent years, he has been collecting vinyls through his passion for researching on “local-exotic-funk-a-go-go” music from Singapore and around the region.  


DJ Itch brings back forgotten musical gems from the our past to bring us down memory lane.



Evening Garden Concert



5 Apr

6 Apr

7 Apr

7:00pm Stringwerkz

7:30pm Azrin Abdullah

8:00pm Varsha

8:30pm Ragha/Al Hafiz duo

9:00pm NADA

7:00pm Stringwerkz

7:30pm Varsha

8:00pm Ragha/Al Hafiz duo

8:30pm NADA


7:00pm Azrin Abdullah

7:30pm Varsha

8.00pm Ragha/Al Hafiz duo

8:30pm NADA


Enjoy an evening of music performances under the stars by young Singaporean traditional musicians who experiment and present contemporary-ethnic and cross cultural music.

  Other Performances and Activities  

WaterMoon Video Sculpture by Spang&Lei

Courtyard A and B

5 Apr, 7.30pm; 6 & 7 Apr, All Day


Water Moon

Is a reflection of ourselves.

Is a connection with others.

Is a collaborative portraiture.


Experience how the two video sculptures situated at Courtyard A and B interweave reflections of visitors, with multi-language literary texts.



Rumah by P7:1SMA

Courtyard A

5 Apr, 8:30PM; 6 Apr, 3:35pm; 7 Apr 2:30pm


P7:1SMA (pronounced as Prisma) is a company whose works embody Singapore’s Malay traditional dance forms such as Asli, Inang, Joget, Zapin and Silat. Led by Artistic Director, Norhaizad Adam, the company is keen to bring their works and philosophy to the contemporary audience and onto the international stage.


Rumah means “home” in Malay. P7:1SMA presents a dance illustrating an aerial perspective of Malay homes from kain pelikat and batik.



Decipher by Soul Signature


5 Apr, 7:30pm



Originally performed as an 8 min duet between Young Artist Award recipient Sufri Juwahir and Sheridian Newman, this dance piece was presented in Hannover for the 31st International Choreography competition in Germany where the duo was awarded with 2nd prize, Audience prize and Delattre Dance Company prize.

Accompanied by live Mridangam music, enjoy this award-winning dance piece by Soul Signature!



River Ramble by Shantha Ratii Initiatives

Courtyard A

6 & 7 Apr, 5.30pm


River Ramble is a dance drama retelling the story of a river from yester years to the modern day with the descriptive narrative  on the characteristics of the element of water. Choreographed by Soumee De and performed by Mei Fei, Davin and Soumee, it showcases the traditional techniques of Odissi (one of the eight Indian Classical dance forms).



Architecture Tour

Starts at Main Entrance

6 & 7 Apr, 1:30pm


Explore the architectural features of the redeveloped Stamford Arts Centre, a building gazetted for conservation, with the architects involved in the redevelopment.



Screening of SAC Documentary and “Sounds of Singapore” by UNESCO-NIE CARE


5 Apr, 7.30pm; 6 & 7 Apr, All Day


“The Story of the Stamford Arts Centre” is a documentary specially produced for the Opening Celebrations. Hear from ex-tenants Mrs Bhaskars and Mdm Goh Lay Kuan about their memories of the old Stamford Arts Centre and find out how the building has evolved over the years.


“Sounds of Singapore” is a documentary by UNESCO-NIE CARE (Centre for Arts Research in Education), which brings us closer to the musical lives of four young musical groups SAtheCollective, NADI Singapura, Flame of the Forest and Kulcha.



House of Nimbus by LOPELAB


5 Apr, 7.30pm; 6 & 7 Apr, All day


Come see this light installation made from upcycled PVC pipes by LOPELAB.


About the installation:

House of Nimbus is shaped by a structure that evades mere structural principles to pursue ephemerality and evoke surreal perceptions in visitors.


Its spatial complexity evolves with the exploration from inside and around the perimeter. The shape and perspective constantly evolve, with each step of the viewers.


With its composition, the structure aims at embodying a representation of a monument, a path, and space, concentrating on building visual frames to capture the city and other visitors.


When the night comes, the structure itself fades into the darkness, and the halos bring forward the visual complexity with an illusion of infinity.

  Children’s Programme  

Tales of Sang Kancil – A Malay and Indian Dance Theatre by Era Dance Theatre and Maya Dance Theatre 


6 Apr, 11am and 2:30pm; 7 Apr, 11am and 2:00pm










Bring the little ones for a traditional Malay and Indian dance that tells the story of a small mousedeer that overcomes obstacles through wit and bravery. 


Suitable for audiences from ages 5 to 8.


Chinese Cross Talk by Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble


7 Apr, 1pm


Enjoy a witty and entertaining Cross talk performance by youths from the Young Peoples’ Performing Arts Theatre.


Suitable for audiences from ages 9 to 12.

  Arts Groups' Open House  


Arts Group

6 Apr

7 Apr

Ding Yi Music Company







Shantha Ratii Initiatives



Siong Leng Musical Association



Traditional Arts Centre




Programme details

Ding Yi Music Company



Pipa and Guzheng Performance

6 Apr, 3.35pm & 5.10pm

7 Apr, 2.30pm & 4.30pm


Ding Yi’s virtuosic musicians NAC Youth Artist Award Recipient Chua Yew Kok, and Yvonne Tay will bring you a series of classic repertoire of Pipa and Guzheng. Not only will these musicians perform classic repertoires, musician will introduce to you the beauty of the instruments but also the stories and appreciation of the music.






Nova Workshop 

6 Apr, 11.30 am 

7 Apr, 3.30 pm 


Participants will be introduced to Haizad’s movement rigour and the embodiment of Malay dance in his contemporary practice. Come learn about how motivations that drive movements can be the start of new creations.


Asli Workshop

6 Apr, 5.10 pm 

7 Apr, 11.30 am


Participants will be introduced to movement phrases of one of Singapore Malay basic folk dance called ‘Tari Asli Kuala Deli’. Learn more about philosophies that form the basis of Malay folk dance.



Shantha Ratii Initiatives
















Navarasa (Nine Emotions)

6 Apr, 2:30 pm

7 Apr, 1:30 pm


Come learn about the intricacies of Indian dance movements. This demonstration will cover movements based on the nine types of human responses to various situations. It will be demonstrated with stories and acting based on stylised acting juxtaposed with responses in our everyday lives.



Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore)



Chinese Opera Demonstration

6 Apr, 1.20pm & 4.30pm

7 Apr, 1.30pm & 4.30pm


Chinese opera relies on stylised gestures to express certain emotions or situations such as smoothing a beard, jerking a sleeve or horse riding. Did you know that the facial make-up on an actor`s face plays an important part in distinguishing the role of a character?

Discover cultural heritage with fun Chinese Opera workshops and performances at Stamford Arts Centre conducted by Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore). 



Siong Leng Musical Association




Nanyin Workshop

6 Apr, 11am & 12pm

7 Apr, 4pm


Through the Nanyin Workshop, participants will be able to know a brief history of Siong Leng and Nanyin. Watch a live demonstration of the instruments and even have a hands-on session with the Sibao, a Nanyin percussion instrument.