Stamford Arts Centre 2021 Initiatives

ROUTES: A Multi-Perspective Exploration of Traditional Dance in Singapore

ROUTES follows the origins of local Chinese, Malay, and Indian traditional dance practices, and presents a multi-perspective reflection on the traditional dance scene in Singapore. Anchored on stories from Singapore's dance pioneers and practitioners including Santha Bhaskar, Som Said, Lim Moi Kim, Cai Shiji, Raka Maitra, and Noramin Farid, ROUTES taps on their first-person accounts, delves into the preservation of traditional dance and its continuity into the future.


Expect to embark on an immersive journey with a 360-degree video and 3D holographic mesh experience that brings traditional dance to life!


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The physical exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre has concluded on 12 September 2021. We hope you enjoyed it! Continue to hear about the artists' stories in the videos below. 



Santha Bhaskar

Som Said

Lim Moi Kim

Cai Shiji

Raka Maitra

Dr Noramin Farid



The traditional dance landscape in Singapore is diverse and evolving.


While Chinese, Indian and Malay dance sprung from different roots, we are seeing common threads across ethnic lines and growing differences within ethnic forms.


The line between “traditional” and “contemporary” is also starting to blur.


Singaporean artists trained in traditional dance are pushing boundaries in interpretation and expression. What aspects of traditional dance are they choosing to retain or to discard?


Watch six practitioners unpack traditional dance and share what guides their practice. And get a taste of their creative works – up close and personal.


In 2020, Covid-19 hit Singapore. What did it do to and do for the traditional arts? How will the scene be different moving forward?


ROUTES paints a colourful and multi-textured picture of an evolving landscape. Are you ready to hear their stories?


The Journey of Each Artist 


Histories of the Dance Forms 


Unpacking Traditional Dance 


COVID-19 and New Trajectories 

Chinese Opera Roving Exhibition

Date(s): 3 April to 31 August 2021

Time: 9am to 10pm

Venue: #01-06 at Stamford Arts Centre, 155 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187962


Explore Singapore’s street opera at the Chinese Opera Roving Exhibition! Having toured various locations across the island since 2020, this interactive exhibition provides an up-close street opera experience with a contemporary and digital spin. 


The exhibition comprises three giant panels, which were built with inspiration from antique Chinese chests, or 多宝盒, to symbolise the importance of Chinese Opera to the Chinese heritage and culture. Each exhibition panel unfolds to reveal the history of Chinese Opera in Singapore, a closer look at how the traditional street opera stage is built, and even remnants of tactile stage-building materials. Learn more about Chinese Opera through an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) 360-degree Stage Tour, which offers a rare glimpse of what goes on backstage at a traditional local street opera performance.


The Chinese Opera Roving Exhibition has concluded its stop at the Stamford Arts Centre. You may visit the exhibition at Our Tampines Hub's Festive Plaza, from now until 30 September 2021.

SAC Virtual Open House

From 19 March to 16 April 2021, two virtual programmes were launched with the aim of bringing traditional arts closer to the community - a 360 Virtual Tour of SAC and a collaborative digital performance between dance company P7:1SMA and Ding Yi Music Company. 



SAC 360 Tour

The 360 Virtual Tour is a refresh of the SAC Walking Trail that was first launched in 2019, welcoming visitors to an immersive and interactive experience of SAC. Shot with 360-degree panoramic photography, audiences can navigate around the space, learn about the different traditional art forms, and explore the architectural highlights and history of the building. 


Expect to be introduced to various aspects on traditional arts - from getting your hands on traditional ethnic music instruments such as the Sheng (笙), Pai Gu (排鼓), Kompang, and Sitar; to discovering traditional performance costumes such as the Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu of Malay dance, Kathakali, Kathak, and Bharatanatyam costumes of Indian dance, as well as the Jing (净),  and Chou (丑), characters of Chinese opera!

Kedai Sinseh

‘Kedai Sinseh’ by P7:1SMA Ltd in collaboration with Ding Yi Music Company is a 30-minute interactive digital performance commissioned by the National Arts Council (NAC) as part of the Stamford Arts Centre (SAC) Virtual Open House 2021. 


‘Kedai Sinseh’ refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shops where one can find natural remedies locally. Even with the advancement of Western medicine, people of different ethnicities still search for their neighbourhood 'kedai sinseh' for the same goal of healing the body. 


Inspired by the medicinal ingredients found at the shops around Stamford Arts Centre, P7:1SMA and Ding Yi collaborate to create 3 performative remedies* for the Mind, Body and Soul. Enjoy the interconnectedness of traditional Chinese music and Malay dance. And let us ease you with remedies specially crafted for this digital experience.


*Disclaimer: All remedies shared in this digital production are creative interpretations by the artists, and are not intended to be used for medical treatment or advice.


The viewing period of this performance has concluded on 16 April 2021. Thank you for your support!