The Building

1920: Completion of the building by the Japan Club as Japanese Elementary School 












Photo 1 Japanese students prepare for sports meet, 1939.

The Japanese Association Singapore Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore


1931: Third storey extension added to the building 

1941: Many Japanese left Singapore due to the Sino-Japan War with only 3 tutors and several students left by 8 December 1941

1942: School re-opened as First National People’s School 

1947: Building used as temporary recreation centre for British soldiers called the Shackle Club

1947-1951: Gan Eng Seng School

1955-1984: Stamford Girls School


Photo 2 Stamford Girls School, 1982.

Courtesy of Lee Kip Lin Collection, National Library, Singapore

1984-1986: Stamford Girls School combined with Waterloo Girls School to form co-ed Stamford Primary School

1988: Converted to Stamford Arts Centre under the former Ministry of Community Development's Arts Housing

1994: Stamford Arts Centre awarded conservation status 

2017: Commencement of redevelopment works of Stamford Arts Centre

2018: Completion of redevelopment works of Stamford Arts Centre

2019: Opening Celebrations at Stamford Arts Centre









Photo 3 The newly renovated Stamford Arts Centre