Introducing the Greenfield Project (Block O)

Since the launch of Goodman Arts Centre (GAC) in 2011, project studios available for rental on an hourly, daily or monthly basis are well sought after. The new Greenfield Project, made out of 30 recycled shipping containers and named Block O, injects new arts studios in GAC, increasing the pool of affordable arts spaces available for hire. Surrounded by a green field, the modular studios are particularly well-suited for art making across all arts practices. The studios surround a central atrium space that can be hired out for exhibitions, events, workshops and talks.


Hirers can also tap on GAC’s Place Making capabilities or programmes to reach out to arts enthusiasts, families and the public, to be engaged in the creative process of the arts. With the diversity of artists and arts groups at GAC, it is set to become even more conducive to generate interactions and vibrancy, leading to more collaborative opportunities across different art disciplines, and  to inspire the creative process.



Block O spaces available for hire from July 2016

  • 9 project studios for monthly hire:  40 sqm – 78 sqm.
  • 2 studios for hourly or daily hire : 78 sqm. The 2 studios can be combined into 1 large studio of 156 sqm.
  • 1 atrium space for hourly or daily hire: 149 sqm, which can be used for public events such as exhibitions, workshops, talks and team building sessions. Pantry facilities are available for F&B catering.

Although all the studios are insulated, they are not fully soundproof and are not be suitable for activities that generate a lot of sound.


NAC has appointed The Arts House Limited to manage these spaces at GAC. Please contact GAC’s Place Manager at or to enquire about the Early Bird discount for contracts signed between July – September 2016. Project studios are subject to availability. For more information, please visit




Block O Design Highlights

  • The atrium space adopts a courtyard concept and serves as a focal point of Block O. Double volume, standing at a height of 8m, it can be turned into a communal hangout and event space.
  • The existing container doors facing the field are replaced with full height windows, allowing good day lighting into the studios. Wheelchair access to the second storey is also provided.


Recycling and a focus on green features guided the design for this project. Elements within the building constructed from recycled materials include:

  • Recycled shipping containers as studios
  • Salvaged fences as railings and creeper walls
  • Salvaged aircraft blast deflector as wall cladding and roof
  • Recycled concrete aggregate as concrete floors


Sustainability features include:

  • A rainwater harvesting system is introduced to promote recycling of water and reduce the overall water consumption, by collecting rainwater from the main roof for irrigation purposes.
  • All circulation spaces are naturally ventilated with good day lighting to reduce overall energy consumption. The skylight design on the main and secondary roofs juxtaposes light and shadow, solid and void. The roof is composed of solid and transparent roofing panels, to allow for multiple shafts of light to play through and overlay a pattern of light and shadow on the floor and container walls, allowing natural sunlight into the space.
  • The layout of the individual studios and placement of the roof allows air to permeate and circulate around the building, allowing the atrium and all common spaces to be naturally ventilated.
  • Creepers are located on the east and west facade, reducing overall heat gain and translating to lower energy consumption.