Creative Producers Development Programme

Organised in collaboration with CultureLink, the Creative Producers Development Programme (CPDP) aims to develop outstanding and committed individuals as creative producers. The first run of CPDP was launched in 2015 with four participants. 


For the second run of CPDP in 2016, we are looking for 2 participants. The programme offers an 8-week residency with Ping Pong Productions (Beijing) or Parnassus Productions (New York), as well as exposure and networking opportunities at international performing arts markets. In addition, participants are expected to propose projects that they are interested in developing, and will receive mentorship for their proposals from a panel of local industry veterans, led by CultureLink over a period of 15 months. 


Here's what our current participants have to say about the CPDP:

“I'm privileged to have had the opportunity to travel and spend time with Tan Dun on his tours to Europe and the US, allowing me to gain invaluable insight into his thinking and projects. My two-month residency with him and his company in New York was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with me for a long time and will certainly inform my own journey as an independent Creative Producer.”

Chin Woon Ying,
Manager (Artistic Administration), Singapore Chinese Orchestra
Residency at Parnassus Productions, New York
Mentor: Tan Dun


“I enjoyed my first market experience at the Australian Performing Arts Market. It provided an eye-opening experience in meeting producers and presenters from around the globe. It was an intense but very fruitful five days attending the many showcases, pitch sessions, talks and social events. APAM and my involvement in CultureLink's artist management booth has definitely taught me how I should promote artists and their works, and given me deeper understanding of what it takes to be an effective Creative Producer today."

Natalie Lim
Co-founder, Big Ideas Generation
Attended the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) 2016 in Brisbane


Applications closed

Applications for the second run of the CPDP are now closed.





The participants of the inaugural CPDP 2015 are:

  • Chin Woon Ying

     Manager (Artistic Administration), Singapore Chinese Orchestra

  • Natalie Lim Li

     Co-founder, Big Ideas Generation

  • Pearlyn Cai Ying Lin

     Independent Producer

  • Tania Goh Wee Ling

     Producer, SaltShaker Productions, M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival