The Centre for Non-Profit Leadership aims to transform the non-profit sector by advocating planned leadership and nurturing leadership capability. Through its suite of evidence-based solutions, CNPL enables non-profits to exercise good governance and enhance their effectiveness in providing sustainable and high quality services for beneficiaries.

Leaders' Lab Series

By weaving together people who experience and face similar concerns, Leaders’ Lab was created with the aim of addressing various pertinent issues faced by non-profit leaders. CNPL hopes to foster better relationships amongst those in different sectors of the non-profit landscape, stimulating new ideas and the spirit of collaboration.


Upcoming session on Leaders’ Lab:


Competency-based Talent Management for Non-Profit Organisations, 1 March 2018

Gain insights on how competencies can be used to help individuals grow in their roles and their organisations. Organisations that adapt competencies to achieve organizational goals and use them for development purposes gives nonprofits a better shot at increasing retention and job satisfaction among emerging and existing leaders, helping them retain the talent that is key to their organizational impact.


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