Creative Producer Development Programme

The Creative Producer Development Programme (CPDP) offers an 8-week residency with reputable overseas arts companies and producers based in Beijing, London and New York, as well as exposure and networking opportunities at international performing arts markets. In addition, participants will come into the CPDP with a proposal for a project inquiry that they are interested in developing, and will receive mentorship for their proposals by a panel of local veterans led by CultureLink over 12 months.

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Technical Theatre Training Programmes at the Esplanade

The Esplanade offers courses in the field of technical theatre including 6 WSQ-certified progarmes in:

  • Erect, Maintain & Dismantel Working platforms and Acesss Equipment
  • Knowledge of Production & Technical Theatre
  • Working at Safety at Height
  • Basic Theatrical Rigging
  • Basic Stage Options


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WSQ Higher Certificate in Technical Theatre

The Technical Theatre Training Programme (TTTP) is a 12-month sponsored training programme that provides entry-level training in technical theatre. It is a competency-based training programme that is designed to meet the Singapore Workforce Qualifications (WSQ) standards. Trainees will learn and be assessed on the technical aspects of theatrical production including constructing and rigging scenery, hanging and focusing of lighting, recording and mixing of sound and organising or coordinating for a production. The training programme will provide the trainees with the knowledge, skills and experience in working on a range of productions in staging, lighting and sound. This programme commences annually on 1 June, and ends on 30 May the following year.


Requirements of applicants:

  • Must be a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore
  • Have had some working experience in technical theatre or the arts industry
  • Completed National Service (NS) (for male candidates)
  • An aptitude for technical work and is comfortable with hand tools
  • Computer literacy is an asset.


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The following schemes are available to support the capability development of technical theatre and production professionals in Singapore: