This basic course will provide participants with an introduction to the key ideas in teaching and learning:


  • What is learning? How does it take place? How do we learn a concept? How do we acquire a skill?

  • What are the goals of teaching?

  • What constitutes effective teaching?

  • Who is an effective teacher or trainer?

  • Who is the learner?


The course covers four broad areas:

  1. Psychology of learning: Some basic principles

  2. The process of teaching: What contributes to effective teaching?

  3. Anatomy of a Lesson: Lesson planning and components of a lesson plan

  4. Assessment and Evaluation



  • Describe the key ideas of effective teaching and learning

  • Understand the processes of effective lesson planning and development of teaching materials

  • Develop engaging lessons and learning tasks



  • Duration: 40 hours

  • Cost before subsidy: $984.40 (inclusive of GST)

  • Cost after NAC’s 50% subsidy (for NAC-AEP arts instructors only): $492.20


For more information on the course and subsidy eligibility, please refer to the AEP portal here

For enquiries on registration, please email Alternatively, please visit the NIE International webpage here.