1            As freelancers contribute to Singapore’s arts industry in multiple capacities, increasing sector-wide support for freelance arts professionals to do their best work is one of the priorities listed in Our SG Arts Plan. With this in mind, NAC consulted over 370 members of the arts community in 2017 and 2018 to understand the needs of freelancers working in the arts sector.


2            Based on the feedback articulated during these engagement sessions, the following common themes were highlighted:

              (i) a strong need for consolidated resources and information specific to arts freelancers;

              (ii) importance of an online digital platform specific to the arts community; and

              (iii) a desire for an organic space to share ideas, solutions, and to network with one another.




3            NAC has now developed a website and job portal targeted at arts freelancers as part of our Arts Resource Hub (ARH) initiative. The ARH website aims to enable arts freelancers in Singapore to unlock new opportunities and grow meaningful careers. Information and resources on available opportunities and areas such as financial planning, legal knowledge and training courses relevant to arts freelancers are made easily available on the website.


4            It is hoped that the ARH will be a first stop platform for arts freelancers to access information that will in turn grow their confidence and develop self-reliance to sustain their careers in the arts. As this is a pilot initiative for the first 3 years, the ARH website’s features and information will be continuously reviewed and refined as the initiative grows. Feedback from the community is also encouraged as this is a work-in-progress.


5            More information can be found at http://artsresourcehub.sg.




6            Aside from the beta website, two physical ARH spaces at Goodman Arts Centre and Stamford Arts Centre will be made available by January 2020. These physical hubs will provide facilities for hot-desking, networking and basic office services (e.g. printing, photocopying, pantry). The spaces are intended for arts freelancers to share ideas and solutions with one another. More information on the physical hubs will be made available at a later date.