Silver-Arts-Exhibition 2021
SILVER ARTS EXHIBITION SEP - DEC 2021 Explore artworks
Silver Arts Exhibition 2021 Silver Arts advocates the meaningful possibilities seniors have in the arts. Organised by the National Arts Council since 2012, Silver Arts is an annual festival that highlights the significance of arts engagement in enhancing the well-being of seniors and people around them. Through learning a new skill, sharing their stories and co-creating art with artists, seniors can (re)discover their talent, deepen family bonds and form new social connections within the community.

Every year, Silver Arts commissions artists to organise Community Arts Projects (CAPs). Taking place in the months leading up to the festival, CAPs aim to engage groups of 10-20 seniors and encourage them to share their stories, express themselves, form new bonds and co-develop artistic content. In the few months of their participation, their creative processes, and experiences are documented.

The Silver Arts Exhibition is a culmination of these creative journeys the seniors have taken, and both the artists and seniors invite you to have a glimpse of their creativity and learning, and share in the joy of their interactions!
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