Arts@Work is an initiative of the National Arts Council that encourages and advocates the use of the arts in the workplace.


Reaching out to working adults, it provides them with more opportunities to engage with the arts. We believe that the arts can be enriching and useful in the workplace – not only will it promote a healthy work-life balance, it also complements learning and development skills.


In this respect, we are keen to partner companies that are interested in bringing the arts into their workplace. This can range from arts-based programmes that support the companies’ objectives, to those that foster a vibrant business environment through the arts.


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Are you a building owner keen on exploring the possibilities of tenant engagement through the arts?

Is your company seeking alternative forms of corporate soft-skill training, and interested in using the arts for staff engagement and organisation development?


If so, Arts@Work could provide the right platform for such initiatives!

Contact Lim Bao Zhen at to take the next step towards a more lively workplace.