ArtReach is an initiative of the National Arts Council, which seeks to promote arts access to under-reached communities for wellness and social connection. Through ArtReach, NAC (i) partners artists, government agencies, community partners and social service organisations to collaborate on projects that use the arts to achieve social outcomes, and advocate the value of the arts; (ii) provides professional development for artists and stakeholders such as centre staff/volunteers; and (iii) promotes research and the sharing of best practices.



The WeCare Arts Fund is a collaboration between the National Arts Council and the People’s Association. Administered by the five Community Development Councils in Singapore, the fund aims to increase arts access for beneficiaries within the social service sector.


Social Service Agencies can tap into this fund to work with artists to develop interactive arts workshops, which are customised to the needs and interests of their beneficiaries, in the Performing, Visual, Literary or Multi-Disciplinary art-forms.


For more info on the scheme, please contact Nicholas Tse at


For submission of application forms, please email them to the relevant Community Development Council (CDC) officer in your district:

Central Singapore CDC

Wee Peng Yu -

Shirin Ibrahim -

North East CDC

Kenneth ZX Tan -

Arie Kuan -

North West CDC

Nur Alifah Samduin -

Iris WL Ng -

Brandon Oh -

South East CDC

Steph Dong -

Raheemah Jailani -

South West CDC

Shirleen Koh -

Kristal LOW -


Toolkits serve as handy resource guides, providing ideas and suggestions for artists and community organisations in the area of planning, implementation and the reviewing of arts programmes. You can find checklists, tips on getting to know the community that you hope to engage with, as well as guides for planning an arts activity.


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