NAC collaborates with the Singapore Teachers' Academy for the aRts (STAR) and MOE Arts Education Branch (AEB) to support the professional development of MOE arts teachers and key personnel overseeing arts education programmes in schools. 




The Artist-Mentor Scheme is an initiative jointly helmed by MOE-STAR (Singapore Teachers' Academy for the aRts) and NAC. It aims to develop arts teachers' competencies by partnering practitioners to co-teach in Art, Music, Dance and Drama. The teachers go through a collaborative process of learning with the mentors who are established, repsected practitioners in their art form. 


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The MOE-NAC Master Artist Series is co-organised by NAC and STAR.


These sessions enable teachers to have a better understanding of the practices and philosophies of our veteran Singapore artists. We hope that they will, in turn, be inspired to engage in their own arts practice and share their learning with their students. Artists who have been involved with the Master Artist Series include Dick Lee, Han Sai Por, Santha Bhaskar and Ivan Heng.