Together, we can tell a powerful story about the values and benefits of arts and culture.


We encourage you to pick and choose the relevant themes to your work from Making the Case and employ the research studies provided to demonstrate your story. Engage audiences with your story around the theme you’ve chosen on your website or social pages. If you wish, share your story with us and have it published on the NAC's website as best practices!


When sharing your story, you may like to consider including links to the following:


ArtsForLife is an advocacy movement that aims to raise awareness for the arts in Singapore and to show how the arts is truly a part of our everyday lives.

This movement is championed by the National Arts Council to promote the value and importance of the arts in Singapore as well as to encourage individual support for arts and cultural groups in Singapore.


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The A List is your one-stop guide to arts and culture news, events and happenings in Singapore. Aimed at raising the public’s interest and engagement with the arts, this fortnightly magazine features entertaining and insightful reads, must-knows and events in the arts and culture sphere. Grab your copy at over 300 locations island-wide across cafes, libraries, SISTIC Counters, arts venues and more. 


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