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The Arts Plan

The Arts Plan - SG

Painting, theatre, literature, music, dance — no matter the discipline, every work of art enriches our everyday, adding texture and meaning to our Singaporean-ness.

We are excited to share that the National Arts Council is working diligently to incorporate your feedback into the upcoming Our SG Arts Plan (2023 – 2027). We have received valuable insights and suggestions and are committed to using this feedback to create a plan that will outline the direction and priorities of Singapore’s arts and culture scene over the next five years.

Stay tuned for more information about Our SG Arts Plan (2023 – 2027) and other initiatives. Thank you for your support!

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What’s The Arts Plan (TAP)?

We’ll continue to champion and grow Singapore’s arts sector into a dynamic scene together with you.

This is how we’re bringing TAP to life, with a focus on these three themes:

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Inclusivity -
A Connected Society

Singaporeans across different life stages and from all walks of life will be able to enjoy and participate in quality arts programmes. Shared arts experiences promote mutual understanding, build bonds and bridge differences among peoples, fostering an inclusive community. When partners in the public, private and people sectors recognise the value of the arts in society, there is collective desire to advocate for and contribute towards a thriving arts scene.

  • Encourage arts for life so that every person has access to quality arts experiences at every life stage and enriches their lives with the arts
  • Strengthen communities and build strong ties through shared arts experiences
  • Drive advocacy where the public, private and people sectors recognise the value of the arts and contribute to them together
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Vibrancy -
A Distinctive City

The arts can breathe new life into familiar spaces and transform Singapore into an iconic cultural city. This will be a distinctive and lively city where artists have diverse, affordable spaces to create and showcase their works, inspiring residents and international visitors with arts experiences, in both the physical and virtual realms.

  • Diversify and unlock spaces beyond conventional arts venues, where artists can hone their practice, showcase their works and better engage their audiences
  • Activate places and precincts so that spaces and streetscapes are transformed, reimagined, and rejuvenated through innovative and co-created works
  • Infuse public and private spaces with cultural sights and sounds, for audiences to experience arts everywhere
Creative Economy illustration

Opportunity -
A Creative Economy

Implementing new business models, nurturing creative talents and tapping on international networks will help us tap opportunities in the creative economy. This helps create good jobs and exciting career pathways for arts professionals and sustains the arts ecosystem.

  • Forge new business models for a thriving arts sector that is integrated with adjacent industries to create employment opportunities
  • Grow artistic excellence and equip arts professionals with new capabilities and development pathways
  • Expand internationalisation opportunities to develop a globally connected creative sector and grow overseas demand and markets for Singapore’s arts

How We Got Here

Read on to learn how we’ve been engaging the arts community and partners.


From Our SG Arts Plan (2018 –⁠ 2022) to Pandemic

Our SG Arts Plan (2018 – 2022) set the stage by supporting the arts community to create, build their skills, and reach new audiences. The arts community’s response to COVID-19 also showcased their resilience as they adopted innovative ways to continue bringing the arts to audiences.

Mid 2021 – Mid 2022

Exploring Ideas

With lessons from the pandemic, we began a year of engagements with collaborators across different sectors to craft a shared vision for the arts. Three key themes surfaced, forming the foundations of TAP.

Jul 2022 – Aug 2022

Engaging Our Community

After gathering more than 1,000 views, we invited our stakeholders to a creative showcase inspired by these discussions. This gave them a glimpse into the possibilities of the future of Singapore’s arts scene.

Dec 2022 – Feb 2023

Gathering Your Views

Through our webpage and roadshows, we’ve shared with you the possibilities of TAP, and gathered rich feedback over the past three months!

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TAP Highlights

It’s been quite a journey! Relive our favourite moments of TAP engagements through our roadshows, immersive audio tours, AR experiences, videos of live performances and more.

Curious about TAP?

See what others think about it.

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I hope to see the arts, design & media sectors work together to create a vibrant, creative & connected Singapore.

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I hope the arts in Singapore will continue to evolve, grow & feed the imagination of all — young & old!

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Can’t wait to see the opportunities that tech will unlock for the arts in Singapore!

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More organic, spontaneous ground-up spaces for art, please!

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Super excited to see how The Arts Plan will make our city more vibrant!

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Having a creative economy and connected society in a vibrant city like Singapore will only further enhance our arts and culture.