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[LATEST] Updated SMMs for arts and culture stakeholders

Updated on 22 Jan 2022

Expansion of Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) Settings

1. From 1 February 2022, all events (including live performances), irrespective of event size, must implement VDS in order to proceed. There will be no limit to the number of unvaccinated children aged 12 years and below who can participate in activities and events with VDS. 

Removal of VDS Concession for Voluntarily Unvaccinated Individuals

2. From 1 January 2022, there will no longer be a concession for unvaccinated individuals to perform PET in lieu of being fully vaccinated when attending a VDS event or entering a VDS venue. 

3. From 15 January 2022, there will no longer be a concession for unvaccinated individuals to perform PET in lieu of being fully vaccinated to return to the workplace. Partially vaccinated workers (i.e. those who have taken at least one dose of vaccine but are not yet fully vaccinated) will be granted a grace period until 31 January 2022 to complete their vaccination regime. Please see MOM’s advisory for more details.

VDS+Test Live Performance Pilots

4. As announced in MOH’s press release dated 14 December 2021, VDS+Test pilots would be expanded where feasible. These pilots would allow further easing of SMMs for fully vaccinated individuals with a valid negative Antigen Rapid Test (ART) result. From 25 January 2022, organisations may apply to conduct VDS+Test pilots for live performances at designated venues.

5. Please refer to the “VDS+Test Pilot Events” section for further information.

TraceTogether only SafeEntry Implementation and SafeEntry Gateway

6. TraceTogether (TT) only SafeEntry, where the TraceTogether App or Token is required for SafeEntry check-ins, has been rolled out nationally on 17 May 2021. Art and culture premises are to ensure that they are able to accept TT Tokens for SafeEntry check-in at their venues as soon as possible if not already done. With the implementation of TT-only SafeEntry, venue operators must only allow individuals who have successfully checked in using their TT App or TT Token to enter the venues.

7. SafeEntry Gateway is deployed as an additional mode of SafeEntry check-in to facilitate a more seamless check-in experience and to ensure that TT Tokens are accepted and working. These venues are required to deploy the SafeEntry Gateway by 15 June 2021. The full list of venues required to deploy SafeEntry Gateway can be found on the SafeEntry website (

Venue Hire Subsidy

8. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth has extended its existing 80% subsidy for venue hire and in-house production costs (where applicable) until end December 2021. The subsidy level will subsequently be stepped down to 60% from January to March 2022 and will be subject to review for further extension based on the prevailing COVID-19 situation and safe management measures. For more details, please click here.

Towards a Safe and Sustainable Reopening

9. NAC will deploy Safe Distancing Ambassadors (SDAs) to perform scheduled inspections at arts and cultural premises, to encourage compliance to SMMs. Arts and culture companies and practitioners who do not implement or comply with requirements may be closed down, ineligible for government grants and assistance, and subject to penalties under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020. Additional penalties may be imposed on arts and culture stakeholders whose premises are found to have been a place of transmission of COVID-19, if they have not adhered to these requirements.

10. NAC will continue to work with arts and culture stakeholders, and relevant Government agencies, to expand and restart activities so that our arts practitioners can continue their good work. Further updates on the provisions and SMMs for these activities will be published here when available.

11. A safe and sustainable re-opening requires all of us to play our part. It is critical that we continue to exercise caution, adhere to SMMs, and practise social responsibility. Collectively, we can progressively re-open our economy and society while remaining safe.

12. For queries on the SMMs in each of the following sections, please email