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SMMs for Arts and Culture Stakeholders [Updated as of 24 August 2022]

Updated on 24 August 2022

  1. On 24 August 2022, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced the further easing of community safe management measures (SMMs), i.e. optional mask-wearing indoors, except in healthcare and public transport settings.

Live Performances

  1. From 29 August 2022, the following SMMs will apply for live performances:
  • No audience size limits for indoor or outdoor live performances.
  • VDS checks must be conducted for all live performances with more than 500 audience members. Organisers must ensure that the audience members are fully vaccinated or exempted from VDS*. *Individuals who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, medically ineligible for COVID-19 vaccination and children aged 12 and below are exempted from VDS.
  • Mask wearing indoors will be optional. However, audiences are encouraged to continue to exercise responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks when in crowded places. If the live performances are held in healthcare and public transport settings, all audiences are still required to wear masks.
  • Safe distance will not be required between individuals or groups, in mask-on and mask-off settings.
  • Audience participation is permitted, but participating audience members must have their masks on in healthcare and public transport settings.
  • No restrictions on the number of performers and crew, or number of performers allowed to unmask for live performances and digital productions (including for singing or playing instruments that require intentional expulsion of air).
  • Sale and consumption of F&B are allowed.

Live performances that are held after sunset or in places reasonably characterised as a nightclub/cabaret/discotheque, where facilities are provided for dancing by customers to live or recorded music with supply of liquor for immediate consumption, and where the predominant activity is dancing by customers, must comply with the advisory note for nightlife businesses for any additional SMMs that may be applicable.

Arts and Culture Classes, Lectures, Talks and Workshops

  1. From 29 August 2022, the following SMMs will apply for classes:
  • No class size limits, subject to prevailing fire safety and room capacity requirements.
  • Indoor mask-wearing for classes will be optional, but encouraged in crowded places, or when visiting or interacting with vulnerable persons.
  • Safe distance will not be required between individuals or groups.
  • It is encouraged that there be no sharing of equipment (e.g. props, musical instruments and microphones). If this cannot be done, equipment should be cleaned and/or disinfected before being used by others.
  • As best practice, all surfaces are to be thoroughly cleaned and/or disinfected between classes and workshops.
  • Venues should be as well-ventilated as possible.

Towards a Safe and Sustainable Reopening

  1. NAC will deploy Safe Distancing Ambassadors (SDAs) to perform scheduled inspections at arts and cultural premises, to encourage compliance to SMMs. Arts and culture companies and practitioners who do not implement or comply with requirements may be required to cease operations, disqualified for government grants and assistance, and subject to penalties under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020. Additional penalties may be imposed on arts and culture stakeholders whose premises are found to have been a place of transmission of COVID-19, if they have not adhered to these requirements.
  2. Where possible, NAC will continue to work with arts and culture stakeholders, and relevant Government agencies, to expand activities so that our arts practitioners can continue their good work. Further updates on the provisions and SMMs for these activities will be published here when available.
  3. A safe and sustainable re-opening requires all of us to play our part. It is critical that we continue to exercise caution, adhere to SMMs, and practise social responsibility. Collectively, we can progressively re-open our economy and society while remaining safe.
  4. For queries on the SMMs, please email