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Organisation Transformation Grant

The Organisation Transformation Grant (OTG) is a time-limited scheme that supports grounds-up transformation efforts by arts and culture organisations along two tracks, (i) individual organisations to address organisation-specific transformation efforts or (ii) arts and cultural organisations coming together or co-solutioning to address common challenges and issues.

What the Grant Supports

The scope and focus of transformation may involve one or more of the following four pillars of transformation which can involve digital or non-digital related aspects of changes and shifts – Product, Process, People, Systems. Supportable costs include costs associated with the scope of transformation proposed over the duration of the proposed project. Projects that have potential to support the organisation’s/ sector’s sustainability in the long run will be prioritised.

What the Grant Covers

Up to 80% of supportable costs, along two tracks:

i. Organisation-specific transformation projects that will be supported at up to $30,000

ii. Co-solutioning or collaborative projects with transformation efforts that seek to address common challenges and long-standing issues faced by a cluster of arts organisations or a specific community within the arts sector, that will be supported at up to $200,000.

OTG applications closed on 1 September 2021, for all projects to be completed by 31 March 2022. Please refer to the relevant documents below including the Post-Project Report template.

OTG Overview
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for OTG
OTG Budget Template
OTG Post-Project Report

In 2021, relevant arts and culture stakeholders were engaged for their views to scope the OTG to ensure that the grant meets the needs of the sector. Click here to read more about the discussions.