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Leadership, Career and Artistic Development

Building Diverse Capabilities in the Arts

Our arts professionals are the core of Singapore’s arts and culture sector who contribute to the scene’s development and vibrancy. The National Arts Council (NAC) believes in supporting the development of arts professionals, to equip them with a diverse range of skills and advance their artistic practice.

Since the introduction of the Arts and Culture Strategic Review (ACSR) Capability Development Fund in 2012, NAC has been expanding our scope of capability development initiatives for arts professionals and organisations from all art forms and fields. NAC provides scholarships and grants as well as recognise contributions through the Cultural Medallion and Young Artist Award (CMYAA).

To build a strong and robust arts ecosystem, in addition to developing art-making competencies, NAC has identified supporting disciplines such as digital literacy, audience engagement, entrepreneurship, applied arts in mental wellness, community facilitation, pedagogy and data science as priority areas for training and development. NAC has also partnered with The Esplanade to offer training in technical theatre and production. With changes in the needs of the scene and a growing number of arts Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) and freelancers, the Arts Resource Hub was also introduced in 2019 to provide support for their sustainable arts practice.

Singapore’s arts workforce will continue evolve as our scene matures. NAC will ensure that arts professionals have the necessary resources to deepen their practice, be equipped to move into related roles as well as for non-arts sector professionals to find new possibilities in the arts.