Singapore’s Traditional Arts are made up of deeply rooted cultural and artistic expressions specific to the major ethnic groups. Each of the Traditional Arts practice provides a focal point for Singaporeans to explore their roots and achieve a deeper connection with their communities. Collectively, they form our intangible cultural heritage, providing the roots that make up Singapore’s rich cultural diversity and serve as the basis for our national identity and cultural continuity.


The Traditional Arts scene in Singapore is vibrant, with more than 1,400 activities and performances held each year and a healthy base of players, such as Singapore Chinese Orchestra and more than 100 active groups. There has been an increasing number of young practitioners, especially in traditional dance and music, who have the potential to innovate and rejuvenate their practices, generating new interest in the art forms as well as paving the way for collaborations with contemporary art forms.


Find out more about our Traditional Arts Major Companies in the links below.

Chinese Music Chinese Dance Chinese Opera/Theatre  Malay Music & Dance Indian Music & Dance
Ding Yi Music Company Dance Ensemble Singapore Chinese Theatre Circle Era Dance Theatre Apsaras Arts
Siong Leng Musical Association Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre Nam Hwa Opera NADI Singapura Bhaskar's Arts Academy
SAtheCollective    Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore)    
TENG Company   Young People's Performing Arts Ensemble     





Last update on 05 April 2020