Singapore has a robust and vibrant arts scene, home to broad and diverse range of artists and arts groups that are well-regarded in locally and abroad. In a short space of time, our artists have created a canon of quality works ranging from the classical and the traditional, to the modern and contemporary, which is deeply reflective of our multilingual and multicultural society.


The NAC has established a strong arts ecosystem which supports the growth and development of the industry, with a range of venues to present works, as well as forging cultural exchanges and international partnerships.


We look forward to forging new cultural relationships beyond our borders, that we may enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise with international partners, and create opportunities for our artistic community to showcase themselves to the world.


We seek to develop Singapore’s arts narrative across four key themes:


Quality & Diversity

The NAC supports and gives exposure to strong artists and arts groups who span all art forms and genres, whose works are of a high standard, impressing audiences around the work.


  • We recognise and celebrate our best artists and stalwarts who’ve worked tirelessly in the arts, such as Cultural Medallion recipients Georgette Chen and Dr Tan Swie Hian.
  • We support and empower young and emerging artists and arts groups who are capturing the imagination of the West, and these include Charles Lim, Anthony Chen, and Sam Willows.
  • We also strive to keep encouraging artists/emerging artists and arts groups who have won awards or working with reputable arts institutions overseas such as Khairuddin Hori for Palais de Tokyo, and Corrinne May.

The ‘Singapore Arts’ Story

Our arts are an expression of our shared identity – our people, our geography, how we live, breathe and move in this world. And Singapore is the cultural melting pot of the Southeast Asia, and we are a gateway to arts of the region. Through a diversity of genres – theatre, dance, music, traditional arts, visual arts, and literary arts – we engage with the rest of the world with our history, our ideas and our craft.


Singapore has a well-supported arts infrastructure and ecosystem.


  • Is a financially and economically sound regional hub
  • Enjoys strong and stable governmental backing
  • Has a source of dedicated funds to develop the arts
  • Strong, stable arts infrastructure (through its educational institutions and arts venues)
  • A burgeoning arts philanthropy culture
  • Building strong intermediaries who can play a more active role in supporting Singapore artists and arts groups – whether through artists management or being the voice of a community.


The NAC seeks to forge new cultural partnerships, networks and exchanges for cross-sharing of knowledge and expertise, and to create opportunities for the artistic community to showcase their work to audiences around the world, so as to build international recognition and a global following.


  • $20 million Cultural Diplomacy Fund
  • The Venice Biennale has helped artists like Ming Wong and Ho Tzu Nyen connect well with international audiences
  • MOUs with British Council & Australia
  • Overseas residencies such as the Dena Foundation, Künstlerhaus Bethanien and VADA for Visual Arts, and Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the Toji Cultural Centre Residency for Literary Arts