BIGSOUND ( is the largest music industry conference and marketplace in Australia. Now into its sixteenth year, it is a global gathering of musicians, industry, brands, media and music lovers with more than 1,300 delegates in attendance. The conference programme features distinguished speakers from the international music industry discussing current industry trends and issues, while the 4-night festival showcases new, emerging acts to music buyers and tastemakers.


We will be presenting an official Singapore showcase as a follow-up to the inaugural Singapore showcase held in 2016, with the aim of helping Singaporean musicians strengthen their networks in Australia. The selected acts may also get to perform as part of BIGSOUND’s line-up at venues around the festival.


Applications are now open for artists to apply to perform at the Singapore showcase at BIGSOUND 2018. Applications will be assessed by NAC, a panel of industry experts from Singapore and Australia, and the BIGSOUND programming team. NAC will provide funding support to acts selected for BIGSOUND under the Market & Audience Development (MAD) Grant scheme (please refer to FAQs for more details).


How To Apply

Interested applicants may apply using the application form downloadable from this page. In your application, please include your artist/band profile, links to your music and videos of your live performances, audience analytics (streaming and social media), and indicate if you will be releasing new music within a 6-month timeframe before or after BIGSOUND. Email your applications to by 25 April 2018 (Wed), 11.59pm, and indicate “BIGSOUND” in the subject title. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.


What happens if I am selected for BIGSOUND?

Artists selected for BIGSOUND will be given a 2-week period from the time of notification of results to submit an MAD grant application, which can include additional touring opportunities that may arise following your BIGSOUND confirmation. 


Artists selected will also receive marketing support in Australia through a digital marketing campaign and PR efforts in the lead-up to BIGSOUND (June to September 2018), to increase your visibility in the Australian market. This may include photo, video and social media requests for marketing and promotion purposes. 


Australian industry experts panel:
Nik Tripp (3RRR), Jerry Poon (The Operatives), Nic Shields (987FM, Singapore), Larry Heath (AU Review), Mel Dine (The Push Inc / Fizzy Management), Vivan Vo (Small FRY), Shelley Liu (Valve Sounds / Vita Artists), Mia Besorio (Archetype Media / Crush Club Records), Becc Bates (Arts South Australia), Joel Cangy (Jaden Social).


Q1: When will I find out if I have a confirmed spot in the Singapore delegation at BIGSOUND?

A: We expect to complete the selection process by June 2018. Results will be announced as soon as they are ready.


Q2: MAD Grant: Is this opportunity all-expenses-paid if I get selected?

A: NAC will provide funding to artists and bands selected for BIGSOUND under the Market & Audience Development Grant, which will cover up to 100% airfare and freight, and a portion (up to 50% for individuals and non-profit groups; and up to 30% for for-profit entities) of all other associated travel costs (e.g. accommodation, ground transport). You may include plans for other touring/performance opportunities in Brisbane or other parts of Australia as part of this trip to BIGSOUND.

If selected for the Singapore delegation, you will be given a 2-week period from the time of notification to submit an MAD grant application to NAC for funding support. Information on the MAD grant and application forms may be downloaded at NAC’s website -


Q3: How many people can I have in my travelling party?

A: We recommend that you propose the tightest team composition that would be essential for your showcase and networking at BIGSOUND. This may include but is not limited to sound engineers, managers, and photographers or videographers. The MAD grant offered by NAC will be based on the merit of your proposal, with consideration given to the number of key personnel involved.


Q4: If selected for the Singapore showcase, will I have to purchase a Delegate Pass to participate in the Conference elements of BIGSOUND?

A: BIGSOUND will provide each showcasing band one (1) complimentary conference pass. Musicians will need to purchase additional passes for the rest of their travelling party at AUD$470 per pass (regular price is AUD$670) if they wish to attend the conference. This cost can be included in your MAD grant application. 


Q: For the MAD Grant application, must I keep all my plans for the trip to Brisbane, and within 4-7 September?

A: Depending on your touring plans, you may extend your trip before or beyond those dates, within Australia.

However, upon acceptance of your selection for the Singapore delegation to BIGSOUND, you are expected to prioritise your participation in activities related to BIGSOUND from 4 to 7 September, including but not limited to designated showcases at BIGSOUND, press and marketing activations, networking meetings, and briefings, over any other touring plans or privately arranged engagements you might have.