Read Our World: SingLit Book Gift For Schools 2019

Read Our World: SingLit Book Gift for Schools is a school outreach initiative aimed at cultivating a love for Singapore stories amongst the next generation of readers. Schools are gifted with 15 books that they can select from curated a list of Singapore literature across genres, forms, themes and languages. We hope to complement schools’ existing reading resources, while catering to different reading competencies and interests.


Singapore literature, affectionately known as SingLit, are stories about us, by us. SingLit captures our experiences, aspirations, cultures – in short, our lives. As Singapore identities evolve, it is all the more important that we embrace our own stories. They transform readers by exposing them to history, values and new perspectives. Through reading SingLit, young readers get to traverse the past, present and future and possibly, are awakened to their own potential in doing so.


The first edition in 2018 received a warm reception with 75 per cent of schools opting for the Book Gift. A number of schools also made the effort to introduce the books to their students via special showcases in libraries and during their assembly sessions.  We want to continue supporting teachers as they introduce students to the diverse stories of our world with this 2019 edition of the Book Gift. To help bring SingLit to life, we have limited Meet-the-Author sessions available for booking, and complimentary poster-sticker sets to help schools introduce stories from Singapore to their students. We hope that schools will utilise them when organising activities to encourage students to read.




About The Gift


  • Each school is gifted up to 15 SingLit books across four languages – English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.


  • Schools can select their 15 books from the curated list and submit their orders to the official bookstore, Closetful of Books.
    (Ordering period: 24 June 2019 – 31 July 2019)


  • Limited complimentary poster-sticker sets and Meet-the-Author sessions are available to schools that choose to receive the SingLit Book Gift. Both Meet-the-Author session and poster-sticker sets are provided to schools on a first-come-first-served basis.




To download PDF versions of the SingLit Book Gift For Schools 2019 brochures:

SingLit Books for Primary Schools brochure

SingLit Books for Secondary Schools brochure


To download PDF versions of the SingLit Book Gift For Schools 2019 order forms:

SingLit Books for Primary Schools order form

SingLit Books for Secondary Schools order form