To create and nurture a pipeline of creative writing talents, NAC has partnered with tertiary institutions to offer creative writing residencies. Singaporean and international writers with a record of creative excellence have been engaged as the writers-in-residence, contributing to the teaching and mentorship of young literary talents while receiving support for their creation of new literary works. These residences are also designed to facilitate exchanges between Singapore and international writers, and to engage with the wider community in Singapore through programmes such as the Singapore Writers Festival and Words Go Round. 



NAC-NTU English Creative Writing Residency

Since 2011, NAC has partnered with Nanyang Technological University (NTU)'s English Division to offer several residencies each year to Singapore and international writers.


Past Singaporean writers-in-residence include Suchen Christine Lim, Grace Chia and Dave Chua. Timothy O'Grady, Tash Aw and Romesh Gunasekera were among the first international writers-in-residence at NTU. Visit NTU English Division's Creative Writing Residency website for more details.

NAC-NTU Chinese Creative Writing Residency

NAC's partnership with the NTU Chinese Divison has led to the development of a creative writing programme dedicated to helping students hone their craft in Chinese creative writing. 


The Chinese creative writing residency has engaged established Singaporean writers such as Yeng Pway Ngon and Chia Joo Ming, as well as attracted international writers like Su Wei-chen and Su Tong. To know more about their programme, visit the NTU Chinese Creative Writing residency website.