The NAC supports initiatives that enable Singapore artists and groups to do international work. Through our grants framework, Singapore artists may apply for the Market and Audience Development Grant or Capability Development Grant, to support their overseas presentations or development opportunities. On a strategic level, we also work through overseas institutions or platforms to develop international opportunities such as the Venice Biennale, international residency programmes, exchange initiatives and training workshops.


Since the launch of the Cultural Diplomacy Fund in 2014, the NAC has been able to forge further ahead on the international front. In 2015, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the British Council, making a commitment towards greater cultural collaboration in areas such as Arts and Disability, Playwriting and Cultural Leadership.


The NAC works closely with key partners and organisations such as the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Australia Council fo the Arts, to design and develop programmes that allow for cultural exchanges.  In addition, the NAC has been actively sourcing and brokering new opportunities in the areas of showcase, market and capability development for Singapore artists in key international markets such as Australia, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.


For enquiries about our international programmes, please speak with your account manager (for Singapore-based artists and groups), or contact Nadiah at