Open Call for Korea-Singapore Collaborative Projects


  1. The Arts Council Korea (ARKO) and National Arts Council Singapore (NAC)  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2019 to promote greater cooperation of arts and culture between artists and arts organisations in Singapore and the Republic of Korea (ROK), with a focus on Arts and Technology. Under the ambit of the MOU, ARKO and NAC are jointly administering an Open Call for Collaborative Projects, supported by ARKO’s International Arts Joint Fund.

  2. The opportunity is designed to encourage collaboration between artists from the two countries, with the potential to spark new connections or deepen existing relationships, resulting in co-creation of new work. Given the shifts in the international arts landscape arising from the global pandemic, projects that incorporate initiatives/solutioning using digital technology will be prioritised.

  3. All applications involving Korea-Singapore collaborators will be jointly assessed by ARKO and NAC. The applications must contain complete information on Korea and Singapore collaborators, implementation plan and proposed budget. More information is available on Arts Council Korea website here.
    Note to interested applicants: All applications must be submitted through ARKO’s National Culture and Arts Support System.


  4. The Councils invite applications from performing arts (theatre, dance, music, multi-disciplinary, traditional arts), visual arts (painting, sculpture, installation, photography, film/video), and literary arts. The project shall lead to the presentation of a co-creation in Korea or Singapore in 2021, subject to the prevailing COVID-19 measures in each country. 

  5. Application is open to Korean/Singaporean citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) residing in either countries. As required by ARKO, the Korean partner should have a tax registration certificate, certificate of incorporation, and a certificate of non-profit organization valid for the fiscal year in order to subscribe to the National Culture and Arts Support System for application. [Note: A Singapore citizen/PR can only apply if he/she collaborates with a Korean partner/ citizen. In addition, the Korean partner in the collaboration must be the one to apply via ARKO’s National Culture and Arts Support System.]

  6. Recipients of the 2020 ARKO International Arts Open Call (Research Phase) who have completed the research, workshops and showcases in 2020 are welcome to apply. 




Size of grant 



KRW 10Mn ∼ 20Mn

ㅇ Direct expenses for project implementation

- (Inbound) production expenses, program expenses, honorarium for participating artists, airfare and accommodation for international artists, workshop venue rent 

- (Outbound) Production expenses, program expenses, honorarium for participating artists, airfare and accommodation, workshop space rent

- PR expenses, material production expenses, interpretation fees 

- Expense for video conference, studio rent for an online workshop, digital platform fee, and online server setup fee

ㅇ Accounting audit fee*

※ Please refer to the guideline for the accounting audit rate.


KRW 30Mn ∼ 40Mn

  • Out-of-pocket expenses shall be at least 10% of the total budget.

Guideline for accounting audit fee 

Project size
(the total project budget including out-of-pocket expenses)

Audit fee 

KRW 15Mn ~ 30Mn

KRW 290,000

KRW 30Mn ~ 40Mn

KRW 346,000

KRW 40Mn ~ 50Mn

KRW 375,000

KRW 50Mn ~ 60Mn

KRW 520,000



Criteria (weightings)


Strength of Proposal

  • The proposal is well-planned and thought through. 

  • The proposal is original, innovative and creative.

  • The proposal demonstrates meaningful application of digital technology.

  • The proposal demonstrates a robust data-/feedback- gathering for the project (e.g. user/audience feedback). 

  • The proposal has factored in alternative plans in light of COVID-19 contingencies.

Viability of project contents

  • The applicant’s track record demonstrates sufficient artistic and technical knowledge and skills in managing the project. 

  • The proposal shows clear and sound plan to execute the project.

  • The proposed budget set is realistic.


Contribution to international exchange 

  • The proposal clearly indicates parity in the collaborative relationship between the Korean and Singaporean partners.

  • The project allows for mutual benefit and reciprocity for artists from both countries, for example, in the promotion of international exchange of Korean and Singapore arts and culture.

  • This project demonstrates potential for the Korean and Singapore collaborators to explore, through knowledge transfer, future international collaborations with each other, as well as other regions.




Application for the open call for a research project for the 2021
Culture and Arts Promotion Fund


· Download the application form from the National Culture and Arts Support System and submit the completed form via the 'attached file' section.

※File name: Open call for 2020 International Arts Joint Fund_Application_name of the Applicant

※As it is challenging to predict the path that COVID-19 would take going forward, an alternative plan assuming the second peak of the pandemic shall be included in the application.

Invitation letter 


· Supporting evidence that shows the proposed project has been confirmed, such as an invitation letter, an agreement for a joint project, a written acceptance of the invitation, and other agreements;

※ “An invitation letter” must be attached, and otherwise, the applicant will be disqualified.

※ Submit the supporting evidence via the ‘attached file’ section for the online application on the National Culture and Arts Support System


Project summary (English version)


· English summary of the project and profile on all participants of the project. Include URL links where necessary.

※ If not submitted, the application will be disqualified

※ Submit the project summary under the ‘reference materials’ section for the online application on the National Culture and Arts Support System

Other materials deemed to be helpful in the selection process 


Submit other materials via the ‘attached file’ section for the online application on the National Culture and Arts Support System. If the materials are not in a softcopy format, please use a registered mail.

* Mails with a postmark dated on or before the deadline will be received only, and submitted materials will not be returned.  


* Submission via mail: International Exchange Department, Arts Council Korea, 640, Bitgaram-ro, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, 58217, Republic of Korea

- Online submission via the National Culture and Arts Support System

- More information on standard guidelines of ARKO’s Culture and Arts Promotion Fund can be found below.

Additional note

  • With the spread of COVID-19, a collaborative project via a non-face-to-face, online platform such as Zoom, is eligible for application. As it is difficult to predict the path COVID-19 would take going forward, an alternative plan assuming a disruption due to the pandemic should be included in the application. 


  • It is mandatory to submit a summary of exchange with an artist or arts organization in Singapore including an invitation letter, an agreement for a joint project, a written acceptance of the invitation, and other contracts. 


Submission of


Exchange of

materials and

opinions with


Screening of


Final selection





4 -25 June 



Early August

Early August

  • Collaborative project period: August 2021∼March 2022

Contact Person:

International Exchange Department of Arts Council Korea, 

Tel: 061-900-2211, 

Email: Ms Jaeyeon Lim at


Standard guidelines regarding ARKO’s Culture and Arts Promotion Fund

A. Who Cannot Apply (standard requirements of the Culture and Arts Promotion Fund shall apply)

- An individual who is not a citizen of the Republic of Korea;

- An organization subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;

- National or public (city· municipal) cultural institutions and organizations; 

- Media group and its affiliated group – In case of an arts organization which is also involved in publication to promote artistic activities in a specific genre and segment, the Evaluation Committee will make a decision, considering the evaluation criteria for the concerned project;

- School and its affiliated group, and an organization made of primary, junior high or high school students;

- Religious organization and its related group; 

- An organization or an individual who withdrew from a subsidized project in the previous round or previous year; provided that the scope of restrictions shall be limited the concerned project type, except in cases where the withdrawal was made within the set period or for a due cause recognized by ARKO;

- An organization or an individual who failed to return the grant by the due date, having received the notice for grant return from ARKO;

- An organization or an individual who is restricted from receiving the grant as per the relevant laws and regulations, and the Subsidy Management Policy;

- An organization or an individual who has been penalized for unfair practices prescribed by Article 6(2) of the Artist Welfare Act;

- An organization that includes a person or person sentenced to imprisonment or medical detention for an offense prescribed by Article 2 of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes, except in cases where said person is a mere member of the organization with no representation, execution of duties, or involvement in the decision-making process;
- A person or an organization who has been investigated or indicted in connection with a sex offense and whose case is still pending at the court, and thus deems difficult or uncertain to carry out the subsidized project; 

- An organization or an individual who is stilling serving the sentence for reasons such as plagiarism, and overdue wages in connection with the proposed project;
An organization or an individual whose disqualification was notified to ARKO by the Improper Receipt Review Committee for improper receipt of government subsidy; 

- Application for the grant under a false identity; and 

- Any organization, individual, or business that is restricted from applying and being selected for each project.  

※ However, there may be an exception taking into account the unique nature of each project, and this shall be clearly stated in the project notice when it is announced. 



B. Project not eligible for application 

- Project to support expenses for the establishment of a new organization;

- Project for construction, purchase, or redevelopment of facilities; and

- Project to pay out, reserve, or extend a loan from the Fund. 


C. How to treat the applications by an ineligible person or an ineligible project 

- The Evaluation Committee will inform the applicant of the reason for disqualification and give ‘0’; and  

- If the applicant is found to be subject to restrictions for application after the deliberation and decision at the Committee, the decision to award the project will be canceled, and the grant must be returned to ARKO. 


D. Restrictions on application 

- One applicant or organization shall not apply for multiple project categories of the Culture and Arts Promotion Fund with virtually the same project, and if duplicate applications are found, then all the applications will be excluded from the selection process. 

※ You can apply for the first and second round of an open call for the same project, e.g., failed in the first round open call for the international arts exchange program and then reapply for the second round open call 

※ If another project with the same content is identified after the selection, a decision will be made on whether the two projects are ‘effectively’ the same with the opinions from the concerned evaluation committee, and if that is found to be the case, the selection will be withdrawn, and the grant will be clawed back. 


E. Administrative grounds for disqualification 

- Application submitted for other projects (incorrect NCAS category);

- Application or mandatory documents not submitted; or 

- Non-compliance with the application form, such as the use of application form for other projects.


F. Cap on the multiple grants  

- The total subsidies for the same person or same organization shall not exceed KRW 300Mn. In selecting the project at the Evaluation Committee for each project and field, and in the event where the selection would bring the total subsidy above KRW 300Mn, the final adjustment can be made at the plenary meeting of ARKO. 

- The total subsidies subject to the cap include the Culture and Arts Promotion Fund projects and national treasury funded projects.
- However, in applying the cap, there may be exceptions as follows; 

- Public organizations under the Act on the Management of Public Institutions, affiliated organizations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and public foundations established by the public organization and local authorities.
- Conditional subsidy
- In selecting a project whose organizer is operating and managing the subsidized project on behalf of another party, 10% of the subsidy is to be included in calculating the cap.


G. Common matters 

- The application shall cover how to use written agreements, including a standard contract form, if applicable; 

- Once the selection is finalized, the recipient and ARKO, in consultation with NAC where relevant, shall conclude an agreement on subsidy, including the consent on the conditions for the grant payment;

- The applicant will be disqualified in the administrative evaluation if the application is made to another project, the application form is not submitted, mandatory documents for the concerned project are not turned in, or the format for the application form is not followed with such as the use of application form for other projects; and 

- Accounting audit shall be conducted in relation to the settlement of subsidy for the subsidized project.