The 1st Pluritopia Cloud Studios invites proposals. We are accepting proposals now until the close of this Open Call on 24 Oct 2021, 11:59 PM (Singapore time: GMT+8).



Pluritopia is a part of the joint initiative between the National Arts Council Singapore (NAC) and the Arts Council Korea (ARKO) under the signed Memorandum of Understanding in promoting arts and culture cooperation between Singapore and the Republic of Korea. Pluritopia - produced and curated by Spang & Lei, is centred on the idea of pluralism. Pluritopia is a portmanteau from “plural” and “universe”; where multiple universes exist,collide, and merge. Pluritopia aims to address the current “crisis”; post-pandemic art and technology landscape through a multi-tier Cloud platform.



Cloud Studios is the first tier of Pluritopia Cloud platform. Cloud Studios invites Singaporean and Korean artists, creatives, and technologists across different geographical locations to build virtual environments in the Cloud that will grow into a larger Pluritopia multiverse overtime. These environments are virtual versions of artists' studios dedicated to remote online dialogue, collaboration and experimentation. Pluritopia Cloud Studios is a glimpse into the possibilities for future online remote artistic practices, and collaboration beyond the post-pandemic world.

Cloud Studios affords audiences across Singapore and Republic of Korea an opportunity to experience and encounter art via the virtual Cloud space. Visitors to Cloud Studios can enter as 3D avatars - attending exhibitions, performances, chatting with artists and fellow visitors in this Cloud-based 3D world. Audiences are thus no longer limited to the physical realm where art experiences are bounded by travel-restrictions and safe management measures. Intimate conversations and art encounters can happen virtually, remotely and in real-time. Cloud Studios’ open studios, virtual tours, meetups, and dialogue sessions will be curated as part of artists’ work-in-progress showing. The Pluritopia project offers Singapore- Republic of Korea (SG-ROK) collaborative opportunities such as, but not limited to:

  • Co-creation and experimentation between Singaporean and Korean artists, creatives and technologists on Pluritopia Cloud Studios.

  • Virtual and/or hybrid showing of Cloud Studios to Singapore and Korea audiences



The proposals selected will be presented as part of SG-ROK collaboration showcase for audiences in Singapore and Korea on Pluritopia Cloud Studios as well as the Pluritopia Cloud Biennale taking place in September 2022.

The call for proposals is conducted in two phases: 


Open Call

 Cloud Studios

Interested participants are to submit proposals of a 100% online artist studio via the online application form at Submission must be no later than 24 Oct 2021, 11:59 PM (Singapore time: GMT+8).

This call is for Singaporean artists, creatives and technologists; and Singapore registered organizations not limited to the field of literature, visual arts, theatre, dance, music, traditional arts, interdisciplinary arts, creative and technology sectors. 

Closed Call

Collaborative Artwork 


*Please note this Closed Call is only for successful participants from Cloud Studios

Participants accepted into Cloud Studios are invited to develop a full proposal which details co-creation of artwork with a mutual Korean partner (artist/group/creatives and technologists) for Collaborative Artwork evaluation that will take place in Mar- Apr 2022. 

Successful participants from Cloud Studios are welcome to apply with an entirely new proposal or if the proposal is deemed to be a development of their Cloud Studios proposal (i.e.Cloud Studios must be completed before embarking on Collaborative Artwork).

More details about the Collaborative Artwork application and selection criteria will be shared with successful participants accepted into Cloud Studios.

Final Showing

Shortlisted artists from Cloud Studios and Collaborative Artwork will be contacted by May 2022 to present at Pluritopia Cloud Biennale 2022.



  1. Singaporean artists, creatives and technologists; and Singapore registered organizations not limited to the field of literature, visual arts, theatre, dance, music, traditional arts, interdisciplinary arts, creative and technology sectors. 

  2. It is recommended that participants have prior experience with basic proficiency in using any 3D software environment. 

  3. Participants without prior background in technology are encouraged to: 

    • include at least 1 technologist or personnel in your team who has basic knowledge in working with any 3D software environment; OR

    • attend a required number of onboarding sessions on using 3D software environment during the programme;



  1. The Open Call for Cloud Studios invites Singaporean artists, creatives and technologists to submit: 

    • Proposal plan and conceptual theme of how your 100% online Cloud Studio will present your practice, research, and artworks over a period from November 2021 to September 2022.

    • Visuals and/or renderings of your proposed Cloud Studio.

    • Approaches to archiving and showcasing of your Cloud Studio to online audiences not limited to Singapore and Korea.

    • Proposal plan for Cloud Studios online community engagements not limited to online showing, talks, workshops, performances. 

  2. Proposal(s) may be of works by a single artist/author, partnership or collective, but must be work that is original/authentic and not an infringement of ownership rights, copyrights and other such rights

  3. Proposed works should not be defamatory, libelous and/or which breaches the laws of the Republic of Singapore; shall not contain toxic, dangerous and other unsuitable material; 

  4. The Programme retains all rights to determine if an art work contains any objectionable and/or unsuitable material and content and reserves all rights to remove such from its venue(s). 



  1. Shortlisted artists in Open Call for Cloud Studios will receive:

    • Honorarium of SGD1,000 

    • Project Fee of SGD1,000 (reimbursement basis based on supporting documents i.e. official receipts)

    • Total: up to SGD2,000

  2. Shortlisted artists in Closed Call for Collaborative Artwork with Korean artists will receive up to SGD10,000 per successful project (reimbursement basis based on supporting documents i.e. official receipts). Honorarium to collaborators and vendors is set by artists and each recipient must clearly be listed in the budget upon successfully completing Collaborative Artwork evaluation. 

  3. Pluritopia requests artists to indicate in their Proposal if they will be making applications to secure additional funding or sponsorship in cash or kind from sources other than the Programme, in particular for works that require significant funding and support to materialize. 

  4. All honorarium and reimbursement of project funding will be disbursed to artists by the National Arts Council and not by the Pluritopia programmme.



The main proposal must be provided in English. Please translate the text to English if you feel that the supporting document in foreign language is critical to the assessment of your proposal. 

Online Application Submission

Complete the online application form on To include:

  1. Proposal Plan and Conceptual Theme of Cloud Studio

  2. Visuals and/or renderings of proposed Cloud Studio

  3. Profile and CV on all participants in the project

  4. Include URL links where necessary

  5. Other supportive materials deemed to be helpful in the selection process 


Proposals will be juried by panelists from Singapore and Korea based on strength of proposal, viability of project content and contribution to Cloud Studios community and international exchange. Pluritopia encourages artists and/or collectives to conceptualize and scale their project with budget considerations in mind. 



  • Deadline for submission: 24 Oct 2021, 11:59 PM (Singapore time: GMT+8)

  • Date of Notification of Acceptance: 12 Nov 2021



Criteria (Weightage)


Strength of Proposal


  • The proposal is well-planned and thought through. 

  • The proposal is original, innovative and creative.

  • The proposal demonstrates meaningful application of digital technology.

Viability of Project 


  • The applicant’s track record demonstrates sufficient artistic and technical knowledge and skills in managing the project. 

  • The proposal shows a clear and sound plan to execute the project.

Contribution to 

Cloud Studios Community


  • The proposal promotes Cloud Studios’ artists and audience engagement via online engagements not limited to (talks, workshops, performances etc.)

Contribution to International Exchange 


  • The proposal promotes international exchange of Singapore and Korean arts and culture to audiences in both nations.

*Selection criteria for the Closed Call for Collaborative Artwork will be shared with successful participants accepted into Cloud Studios at a later date.






27 Sep -
24 Oct 2021

Open Call for Cloud Studios

25 Oct -
7 Nov 2021

Evaluation of Cloud Studios Applications

8 Nov 2021

Cloud Studios Shortlisted Artists Confirmed

12 Nov 2021

Date of Notification of Acceptance

9 Dec 2021

Cloud Studios Virtual Tour

Jan - Feb 2022

Cloud Studios Dialogue, Meetup, Experimentation

Mar - Apr 2022

Closed Call for Collaborative Artwork 

Mar - Aug 2022

Cloud School Masterclasses, Webinars

Cloud Studios Virtual Tours

May 2022

Final Selection and Announcement Collaborative Artwork

Sep 2022

Pluritopia Cloud Biennale & Cloud Symposium

For more information, refer to the open call FAQs here.