Australia-Singapore Reciprocal Digital Residency Funding 2021

Residency dates: February 2021 – August 2021

Amount: AU$5,000 / SG$5,000

Application closes: 15 January 2021 (CLOSED)

Notification: 1 February 2021


About the opportunity:

The Australia Council for the Arts and the National Arts Council Singapore are jointly administering the second iteration of a set of reciprocal digital residencies between Australia and Singapore.

The opportunity is designed to seed research on artistic practice and collaborative processes between artists from the two countries, with the potential to spark new connections or deepen existing relationships which may result in an experimentation of process or co-creation of new work. 

The artists will determine their own digital residency structure/format and do so with the agreement of a proposed independent/institutional partner from the corresponding reciprocal country. 



Australia Council for the Arts will fund each successful Australian artist/group up to AUD$5,000 per proposal to undertake a digital residency with a Singaporean artist/group.

Separately, the National Arts Council Singapore will fund another set of successful Singaporean artist/group up to SGD$5,000 per proposal to undertake a digital residency with an Australian host artist/group.

Applicants must apply to their respective arts councils for funding. The Councils are not to combine the funds to support the same project or proposal.


Successful applicants will manage their own time, budget and resources throughout the digital residency, including rental of studio/rehearsal spaces, equipment, admin and technical support etc. in consultation with the host partner/artist/organisation.



The Councils invite applications from performing arts (theatre, dance, music, multi-disciplinary), visual arts (painting, sculpture, installation, photography, film/video), literary arts, and new media works. Applicants should be Australians/Singaporean citizens or Permanent Residents residing in either countries. Singaporean applicants will be above the age of 21 at time of application submission.

Applicants will have produced an independent body of work that demonstrates experimentation in artistic practice and discourses. Applicants will demonstrate commitment in their art practice in their local arts scene with strong relationships to their respective communities (either in Australia or Singapore). 

For Australian applicants, please check Australia Council’s eligibility requirements before applying:

For Singaporean applicants, please ensure that you meet NAC’s guidelines for the Capability Development Grant before applying:


Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed based on the strength of artistic proposal. Proposals received will articulate the intent of the digital residency, and adequately describe the potential of this area of research the artists wish to explore. 

Proposals received will reflect the mutually beneficial partnership between the Australian and Singaporean artists and/or organisations. Proposals received will demonstrate how the digital residency is responding to one of the selected topics below:

  1. What are some of the new experiences we can explore, in response to our new realities (post pandemic, social distancing restrictions, hybrid normals)? 

  2. Are there new ways to connect people from diverse backgrounds, eg. generations, cultures, and/or languages

  3. What could a fair and collaborative future look like?

Selection process

Australia Council and National Arts Council staff will consider applications jointly according to the selection criteria above. Successful applicants are expected to be notified of the outcome of your application by 1 February 2021.


How to submit an application

FOR SINGAPORE APPLICANTS ONLY: Application materials and documents 

The following materials must be included in the application: 

  • A detailed statement of intent / proposal of no more than three A4 pages, describing the intent, format and outcomes of the digital residency. 

  • Biographies/CVs of all artists involved (Australia and Singapore).

  • Portfolio (digital images and/or video files) of artworks in a single PDF document not exceeding 3MB. 

  • Previous projects with international collaborators. 

  • A letter of support/intent from the Australia/Singapore partner/artist.

  • A letter of support from the host institution (if relevant).

  • An itemised budget breakdown based on estimates costs.

All applications are to be in PDF format (additional supporting documents may be submitted via online links or in any digital formats).

All submitted material will help the assessors gain an understanding of the quality of your work, and where relevant, the skills and role of other artists or partners involved.

All applications from Singaporean artists must be sent via email to  before the deadline. Please ensure that each application is sent in one email, and for the email to be no more than 3MB in size. Please do not use the MCCY Grants portal for this submission. 

If you are applying as an organisation, please specify the staff member(s) who will participate in this activity as part of your application. If this changes, please notify us as early as possible as this may affect the status of your application.



Applications must be submitted via the Australia Council’s online Application Management System (AMS). You will need to create an account to access to the AMS, instructions for how to do this can be found on the landing page. 

Make sure you register well before the closing date. It can take up to two business days to process your registration.

Please contact us at if you are unsure if you should register as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

Note: Applications to this international development funding does not count as an application to the Australia Council Grants Program.

If you are applying as an organisation, please specify the staff member(s) who will participate in this activity as part of your application. If this changes, please notify us as early as possible as this may affect the status of your application.

The Australia Council encourages applications from applicants who identify as First Nations, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disability, and people living in regional and remote areas. 

The Australia Council’s programs and processes are designed for accessibility and best use by a diverse demographic. We work with individual applicants to find the best approach to accommodating access, childcare, carer and other support needs. Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to the closing date to discuss your access and support requirements.

FOR ALL APPLICANTS TO NOTE: The closing date for application is 15 January 2021. All applications must reach your respective arts councils before this deadline. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted. 


Contact Information

Australia: please contact Nithya Nagarajan, International Market Adviser, South and Southeast Asia on (02) 9215 9324 or email: 

Singapore: please contact Husien Khamis, Assistant Director, Policy & Planning (Strategic Planning & International Relations), National Arts Council on +65 6346 9454 or email: