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Arts and Ageing Forum

Engaging Seniors 

With a rapidly ageing population in Singapore, the community engagement landscape has been evolving on a national level. Agencies and community partners have been working together to introduce complementary programmes to support and enhance the well-being of seniors. Over the years, active ageing efforts from the arts, community and social sector partners at large provide new opportunities for seniors to engage in the arts.

Arts and Ageing Forum 

The Arts and Ageing Forum is a platform organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) since 2014 (formerly known as the Arts in Eldercare Seminar) to bring artists, social and healthcare practitioners, community leaders and funders together to network, share best practices and advocate for the social value of the arts for seniors. Each edition explores different themes where participants discuss perspectives and strengthen networks with other stakeholders across sectors, to explore how the arts can empower, engage and enrich seniors.

Find out more about the past editions below: