Arts Venues

Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre are two properties developed under the National Arts Council's Framework for Arts Spaces. Under this Framework, NAC offers tenanted studio spaces at these arts venues for lease to artists and arts groups. 


Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre, along with The Arts House, Drama Centre and Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall are managed by Arts House Limited.


Goodman Arts Centre

90 Goodman Road


Located at the former LaSalle College of the Arts, Goodman Arts Centre opened its doors in early 2011. It was established with the vision of becoming a youthful and energetic Arts Centre, providing a wide range of exciting arts and cultural offerings for the community to experience and engage with in an intimate manner.


Housed within the compound is the office of the National Arts Council, 40 artists and arts groups, as well as over 30 shared facilities available for rental to the arts community which includes a black box theatre, multi-purpose hall, gallery, project studios, music studios and seminar rooms.


Goodman Arts Centre is managed by the Place Manager, The Arts House Limited.


Visit the Goodman Arts Centre website for more information.

Aliwal Arts Centre

28 Aliwal Street


Aliwal Arts Centre is NAC's 2nd project under the Framework for Arts Spaces. It was formerly the Chong Cheng and Chong Pun Schools. 


Aliwal Arts Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts centre with a strong focus on performing arts. It offers a conducive environment to support the artistic development of both contemporary and traditional arts groups, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage in the area.


Located within the Kampong Glam Conservation District, in close proximity with the Malay Heritage Centre, Ailwal Arts Centre also aims to tap on the rich cultural heritage of the site to bring together arts enthusiasts, the arts community and the general public to explore new frontiers in performing arts.


There are shared facilities available for short term hire by the arts community. Interested artists and arts groups may contact the Place Manager, The Arts House Limited, to enquire on availbility.


Visit the Aliwal Arts Centre website for more information.

Drama Centre

100 Victoria Street, 3rd storey, National Library


The Drama Centre adds to Singapore's stable of world-class purpose built performing arts space with its 615-seat proscenium theatre. It also offers an intimate 120-seater black box, VIP and function rooms to meet the demands of the diverse range of today’s arts events.  


Built at Fort Canning Park on the site originally for the Singapore Council for Adult Education, Drama Centre was officially opened by the late David Marshall in 1955 as the Cultural Centre. It was renamed Drama Centre in 1980. A key platform for many local companies starting out in the early 80s, it saw the staging of landmark Singapore plays such as Lao Jiu, Army Daze and Mail Order Brides.


The Drama Centre was closed in 2002 for the expansion of the Singapore History Museum (now known as the National Museum), and was officially reopened in its current location in November 2005.


The co-location of the new Drama Centre in the National Library building creates an unprecedented synergy with the arts facilities, attractions, institutions and the commercial sector to enliven the surrounding area. 


Visit the Drama Centre website for more information on the venues available and to put in a booking request.

Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall

9 Empress Place


The grand old dames of Singapore’s performing arts scene – the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall – returned in July 2014 after a three-year refurbishment costing $158 million. Their return fills a gap in the local scene, providing a suitably constructed mid-sized theatre and concert hall much needed in Singapore’s growing arts and cultural landscape. The 152-year-old national monuments will see their heritage elements conserved while offering state of the art features in its facilities.


Boasting a total Gross Floor Area of approximately 13,800 square metres after refurbishment, Singapore’s oldest performing arts centres will see their old world charm come alive through careful restoration of their original architecture. Besides preserving their elegant Victorian façade, the original passageway connecting the theatre and concert hall as well as her famed clock tower will be restored.


The existing theatre and concert hall has been transformed into intimate spaces, designed to provide an engaging experience between audiences and the performers.


Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall feature improved acoustics and functional designs that enhance the monumentality of the space.


Nestled within the historical charm of the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall are new features such as music and dance/theatre rehearsal rooms.


For enquiries on venue booking, please contact Venue Manager Ms Sophie Sham at For more information on the venue, please visit

The Arts House

1 Old Parliament Lane 


Occupying the almost 200-year-old building that was Singapore's first Parliament House, The Arts House has been offering its audiences a broad range of arts and culture programmes since its opening in 2004. It also plays an active role in the Singapore creative scene. Since 2011, The Arts House has been focusing on the development and promotion of literary arts, while continuing to present and support programmes and festivals that aim to give our audiences a wide and multidisciplinary experience.


Once a space where Singapore’s most important decisions were made, the former Parliamentary Chamber is the highlight of The Arts House, and is now a popular venue for performances, stage productions, exhibitions and conferences. Other venue options include a black box theatre, galleries, multi-purpose rooms, and a screening room, featuring a digital cinema projector and 7.1 Dolby surround sound.


For more information, please visit, or email for venue enquiries.