Winners of National Indian Music Competition 2008


It was an exciting four-day battle at Drama Centre as budding musicians vied for top prizes in the National Indian Music Competition 2008. Total cash prizes for this year’s competition amounted to $27,500.


The winners received prizes from RAdm (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications & the Art, and for Education at a prize presentation ceremony held this evening. The top three winners of each category received trophies and cash prizes ranging from $300 to $1000. Honourable mentions of $100 were also awarded to deserving finalists.


The National Arts Council is pleased to announce the following winners:




 - Intermediate

 1st GS Divya (13)

 2nd R Shwethambari (12)

 Honourable Mention: Nandhitha Gurunath Hari (15)

 Honourable Mention: Poonguzhali Purushothaman (11)


 - Open

 1st Rashmi Balasubramanian (17)       

 2nd Sandhya Ramaswamy (19)

 3rd Kavitha Jayaraman (25)

 Honourable Mention: Darshini d/o Yoganathan (21)





 - Intermediate

 1st          Pradeep Adhokshaja (15)  

 2nd         Thinagar s/o Nanoo Siva Das (15)


 - Open

 1st          Tan Guo Jun Radha Govinda Dasa (16)       

 2nd          K Jegatheessh (18)

Honourable Mention: G Nityanandan (17)




 - Intermediate

 1st Sriram Sami (14)          

 2nd K Sowndarya (14)


 - Open

 1st  Srikanth Radhakrishnan (15)




  - Intermediate

 2nd Vibhu Bulusu (12)



 - Intermediate

 2nd Akshay Alauddin Lenin (13)



 - Open

1st Aparna Mahadevan (22)