Winners of 2010 National Chinese Music Competition


2010 全国华乐比赛得奖名单


Following 10 days of intense competition involving 353 participants, the National Arts Council and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) are pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 National Chinese Music Competition. Some of them will be performing with SCO at the Prize Winners’ Concert & Prize Presentation Ceremony on 12 December 2010. In addition, first prize winners of the Solo Open Category, who are Singaporeans and PRs, can apply for up to $8,000 in financial assistance for training and development purposes.


Solo Section: Junior Category

Dizi Junior Category                           


2nd Prize(亚军) :Pu Zong Han 濮宗汉 (10) 

3rd Prize(季军): Ng Yu Ting  黄钰婷 (12) 

3rd Prize(季军): Soh Hao Cheng Alarick 苏浩诚 (12)


Erhu Junior Category


1st Prize (冠军): Alex Tan Kian Hye 陈建凯 (12)                     

2nd Prize(亚军): Li Siyu 李思宇  (9)                                              

3rd Prize (季军): Cheng Wang Mun Timothy Joel  郑宏文 (11)  

Honourable Mention (优异奖): Sean Lee Wenwei 李汶洧 (12)                        

Guzheng Junior Category


1st Prize (冠军): Fung Chor Yee Jerica 冯楚颐 (11

2nd Prize (亚军): Low Jiaqing 刘嘉卿 (11)    

3rd Prize (季军): Cheong Ming Fang 钟明芳 (12)         


Pipa Junior Category


1st Prize (冠军): Sim Yuen Rong Marianne 沈岳榕 (12)

2nd Prize (亚军): Lim Jia Yan Annabelle 林佳燕 (12)                 

3rd Prize (季军): Miki Kok Wing Lam 郭詠蓝 (12)                


Yangqin Junior Category 


1st Prize (冠军): Sim Kai Ching  沈凱晴 (10)

2nd Prize (亚军): Lam Hsin Hui  蓝欣慧 (12)

3rd Prize (季军): Watt Sook Ling 屈淑伶  (9)


Zhongruan Junior Category


2nd Prize (亚军): Tan E-Zen  陈奕臻 (11)


Solo Section: Youth Category

Dizi Youth Category  


1st Prize (冠军): Yap Yi Heng 叶毅恒 (17) 

2nd Prize (亚军): Tham Jiang Jun 谭将俊 (15)                            

3rd Prize (季军): Beverly Goh Ting Xuan  吴亭萱 (15)

Honourable Mention (优异奖): Lee Jun Cheng 李浚诚 (16)


Erhu Youth Category


1st Prize (冠军): Rachael Sim Xsuen 沈萱   (13)                    

2nd Prize (亚军): Lim Qing 林清   (18)

3rd Prize (季军): Christine Yim 严金凤 (13)      


Guzheng Youth Category


1st Prize (冠军): Ong Hai Rou 王海柔 (12)

2nd Prize (亚军): Nicholas Quek Wei Sheng 郭威胜 (14)

3rd Prize(季军): Ho Zhen Huan  何振寰 (17)


Pipa Youth Category


1st Prize (冠军): Yeo Jia Qi Denise 杨嘉琪 (16)

2nd Prize (亚军): Gale Tan 陈籽佳 (17)                                     

3rd Prize (季军): Ng Eng Xiang Jaslyn 黄应嫦 (17)


Suona Youth Category


1st Prize (冠军): Ng Chu Ying 黄琡媖 (18)

2nd Prize (亚军): Lo Jun An 卢俊安 (17)

3rd Prize (季军): Ling Xiao Jun 凌晓濬 (13)


Yangqin Youth Category


1st Prize (冠军): Wong Zhen 王蓁   (14)

2nd Prize (亚军): Koh Cheng Jin 高程锦 (14)

3rd Prize (季军): Goh Xiao You Yuka 吴晓优 (16)

Honourable Mention (优异奖): Lee Yen Yee 李彦仪 (13)


Zhongruan Youth Category


1st Prize (冠军): Lim Si Ying Hazel 林思颖 (17)

2nd Prize (亚军): Gillian Chong Ling Li  张伶励 (15)

3rd Prize (季军): Peh Kai Wen 白凯雯 (14)

Honourable Mention (优异奖): Lee Yao Zhang Jeremy Gerald  李耀彰 (17)


Solo Section: Open Category

Dizi Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Ho Bing Hong  何秉鸿 (17)

2nd Prize (亚军): Ong Ting Kai 王亭凯 (20)   


Erhu Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Goh Hock Jun Shunta 吴福俊 (20)                 

2nd Prize (亚军): Lim Kwuan Boon 林炯文 (21)                          

3rd Prize (季军): Teo Yu Yao 张誉耀 (19)                                  

Honourable Mention (优异奖): Chew Jun Ru 周俊如 (21)


Guzheng Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Yvonne Tay 郑怡雯 (18)

2nd Prize (亚军): Wang Kena 王克娜 (18)


Pipa Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Du Ruo 杜若  (20)

2nd Prize (亚军): Koh Hui Rong  高慧蓉 (18)                              

3rd Prize (季军): Han Xiao (21) 韩筱   (21)   


Sheng Open Category


1st Prize (冠军):  Cheong Yi Heng 张毅恒 (17)                         

2nd Prize (亚军): Teo Kah Chin 张家骏 (19)

3rd Prize (季军): Neo Ye Siang Desmond 梁育祥 (20)


Suona Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Bennett Bay Chuan Sheng  马川盛 (15)

2nd Prize (亚军): Tay Jing Wen 郑景文 (18)


Yangqin Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Tan Yong Yaw  陈永耀 (22)

2nd Prize (亚军): Wong Hui Wen  黄慧文 (19)

3rd Prize (季军): Koh Wen Jun Derek 許文俊 (17)


Zhongruan Open Category


1st Prize (冠军): Ngeow Si Ming Jonathan 饶思铭 (21)

2nd Prize (亚军): Kenny Chan Jing Wen 曾靖文 (25)


Ensemble Section

Combined Instrumental Ensemble


1st Prize (冠军): Toa Payoh West Community Club Chinese Orchestra 大巴窑西民众俱乐部华乐团

2nd Prize (亚军): Jing Ying Chinese Orchestra 精音丝竹华乐团


Percussion Ensemble

打击乐小组 1st Prize (冠军): Tao Nan Chinese Orchestra Percussion Ensemble 道南学校华乐团打击乐组合

2nd Prize (亚军): Toa Payoh West Community Club Chinese Orchestra Percussion Ensemble 大巴窑西民众俱乐部华乐团打击乐队

3rd Prize (季军): St Joseph’s Institution 圣若瑟书院