Utter Gives Voice to Singapore Texts



Utter Gives Voice to Singapore Texts

See unique takes on Singapore literary content by

Natalie Hennedige, Ken Kwek and Lee Thean-jeen



17 – 19 June 2011



Drama Centre Black Box


Three of Singapore's most exciting creative talents, hailing from different backgrounds and writers themselves, will curate and direct Singapore literary content in three nights of dramatised readings inUtter from 17 June to 19 June.


Held at Drama Centre Black Box at the National Library, this pre-festival event to the Singapore Writers Festival will see Natalie Hennedige (NothingCuckoo Birds) from theatre, Ken Kwek(KidnapperIt's A Great, Great World) from film and Lee Thean-jeen (The PupilSingapore Short Story Project) from television present their distinctive interpretations of how words by fellow Singaporean writers can be performed.


Each of them brings experience from their respective line of work into Utter and provides a diverse sensory experience. Watch as Natalie weaves poetry into short stories in celebration of the diversity, honesty and power in Singaporean writing; as Ken Kwek employs cinematic conventions of time fragmentation to introduce chaos into the neat parallel-running lines of text on paper while Lee Thean-jeen turns the reading upon the reader and adds filmed footages for a new dimension to themes and topics explored.


“It’s time to spotlight and encourage The Singapore Writer. It’s simple, really. We want to get some good Singapore writers together, present some good Singapore writing, and hopefully, inspire audiences to read and write more! And we want to do this in a creative and fun way,” said Tan Kheng Hua, creative producer of Utter.


Works by fellow Singaporeans

Utter draws fresh Singapore content from Telltale: 11 Stories, an anthology of short fiction presenting six electrifying voices from Singapore: Alfian bin Sa’at, Wena Poon, Jeffrey Lim, Tan Mei Ching, Claire Tham and Dave Chua and &Words: Poems Singapore and Beyond, an anthology featuring 170 poems by 73 Singapore poets and 35 overseas poets. Both are texts used in the current secondary school curriculum in Singapore.


Featuring literary content such as poetry and short stories, Utter offers alternative perspectives of words through dramatic form. Utter aims to reach out to new audiences by giving readers and writers different access routes to appreciate Singapore texts.


“This is a great opportunity for local works to be translated to other art forms by well-known creative artists and cuts across the genres of theatre, film and television. Pardon the pun, but we are utterly thrilled about how this project will cast the written word in a different light while reaching wider audiences. Also, it will be a good opportunity for us to hear and watch the new works being hatched by these three directors,” said Paul Tan, Festival Director for Singapore Writers Festival in the National Arts Council.


He added, “We think as part of the pre-festival line-up, Utter is perfect as one of the appetisers that will tantalise before the mouth-watering main course.” The annual Singapore Writers Festival will take place between 22-30 October 2011.


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