The Search for Singapore’s Next Classical Music Star


Launch of 2007 National Piano & Violin Competition


The biennial National Piano and Violin Competition returns this year in its bid to identify talent and develop excellence in classical music performance. Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), the competition serves as a valuable platform to nurture and showcase young musicians inSingapore. NAC is now inviting participation in the prestigious event to be held from 5 to 15 December 2007.


Over the years the competition has remained popular amongst aspiring musicians, with the last competition drawing a total of 276 participants, an increase of 36% from the previous competition. This year the ‘Open’ category, for participants aged 25 years and below, has been renamed the ‘Artist’ category. This change reflects the professional aspirations of the contestants, many of whom go on to pursue a full-time career in music. Participants in this category will also have the chance to display their musical forte through an expanded concerto set list that now offers more challenging choices and musical variety. In a significant leap from the six concerti offered in 2005, this year’s competition will offer a total of 30 concerti - 15 for the Piano Artist category and 15 for the Violin Artist category.


Alongside the Artist Category, participants will also be able to take part in the junior, intermediate, and senior categories where they will be required to perform works from at least three out of four periods of music - Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century to the present. Competitors are also encouraged to offer a balanced and varied programme that display contrasts in mood and approach. To enable senior category participants to widen their ensemble experience and repertoire, they will now be required to prepare any one movement of a concerto of their choice to be accompanied on a second piano for the Finals.


The competition is open to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Foreigners studying, working or residing in Singapore are also eligible to participate in the Artist category. The top three winners of each category stand to win trophies, certificates and cash prizes ranging from $200 to $5,000.


NAC is delighted that the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan continues its support for the competition this year.  The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan is a recipient of the Friend of the Arts Award.


Registration for the Competition is now open.  Applications close on 6pm, 31 August 2007. 


The registration booklet is available for download from the National Piano and Violin Competition website,


The public can contact Ms Anna Chew (DID: 6837 9544, Email: or Ms Bernice Wong (DID: 6837 9519, Email: for enquiries.


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