Singapore Arts Festival - The People's Exhibition


The People’s Exhibition


‘I want to remember the old performing places’


Growing exhibition opens 1 December 2010 at library@esplanade


What were some of the earliest performing places that have played significant roles in the development of the Singapore arts scene which have since been torn down or replaced as Singapore undergoes rapid urbanisation? With iconic venues such as the National Theatre and World Trade Centre auditorium no longer in existence, Kallang Theatre closed, Victoria Theatre being renovated and the predecessor of the current Drama Centre housed in Fort Canning, how does a new generation of Singaporeans know about these historical places and their original facades? What do older Singaporeans remember about them?


Find out about these old performing spaces and what they meant to the arts community and older members of the public in The People’s Exhibition. In line with the theme of the Singapore Arts Festival 2011 of ‘I want to remember’, The People’s Exhibition is a growing exhibition that opens from 1 December 2010 at esplanade@library, featuring contributions from the arts community and members of the public on the de-commissioned performing arts venues which were once prominent in Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape.


These performing places have since been demolished, closed or replaced. Their existence lives on largely in the disjointed and fading memories of older Singaporeans while younger Singaporeans do not know about these places. The exhibition aims to investigate the significance of these former performing places and will take visitors on a reconciliatory journey into past impressions of arts and culture. Keepsakes in the form of photos, programme booklets, publications, ticket stubs and more make up the exhibition. Through its curatorial programme, the exhibition invites the arts community and the public to collectively remember and reconstruct some of these places and what each place meant for them and the cultural development for Singapore.


Contribute to The People’s Exhibition

The People’s Exhibition will expand and grow during its touring as it continues to welcome contributions, whether donated or on loan, from the arts community and the public. After its run at the library@esplanade in December, it will make monthly rounds at other libraries which include Tampines Regional Library, Woodlands Regional Library, Jurong Regional Library, Central Library. The final leg of the exhibition, its biggest and most extensive yet, will be showcased in May and June 2011.


The People’s Exhibition is a lead-up to the Singapore Arts Festival 2011 under com.mune,  the Festival’s year-long education and outreach programme to promote deeper understanding and better appreciation of the art, so to engage and connect with the public by getting them to participate and have ownership of the Festival, making it truly a People’s Festival.


Those who are keen to loan or donate their keepsakes from the old performing spaces to The People’s Exhibition can log on to for more details.