Singapore Art Exhibition 2009



Singapore Art Exhibition 2009


(28 July 2009) The National Arts Council (NAC) and Singapore Art Museum (SAM) are proud to present the Singapore Art Exhibition 2009 (SAE), the main feature of the Singapore Art Show (SAS). While the SAS 2009 celebrates the diversity of visual arts practices in Singapore, presenting new artistic content and further developing artistic and curatorial capabilities, the SAE 2009 offers artists from all disciplines, a national platform to participate via an open call for submission.


This year SAE 2009 attracted a total of 470 submissions by 222 artists; out of which 29 artworks have been selected for inclusion in SAE 2009. The exhibition will be opened by RADM (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts on 21 August 2009, Friday, 6:30 pm, at SAM Glass Hall. The winner of the Singapore Art


Exhibition 2009 will be announced on 6 October 2009 at SAM.


The theme of this year’s SAE 2009 is ART BUFFET, a concept adopted as a mode of display and cultural consumption. Artists are empowered to select from a buffet spread of twelve subject matters to respond to. These include Food, Material, Ritual, Spectrum, Signs, Gesture,Craft, Body, Time, Space, Order and Humour. The buffet concept also offers an opportunity for audiences to savour a visual feast of creative production from a spread of subject matters. Popular themes among the submitted works include Time, Material and Space with a significant number of submissions comprising of paintings and installations. With the development and evolution of contemporary art, there were also a handful of submissions for interactive art.


The winning submission will be awarded the Singapore Art Exhibition Prize - a $50, 000 grant which can be used for professional or capability development through residencies, further studies or training, and for the creation and/or presentation of bold, new projects and works. Criteria for the selection of the short-listed artworks are strong artistic concept, relevance to the selected themes of ART BUFFET and strong technical execution of the work.


Both the SAS and SAE aim to encourage public appreciation of and engagement in visual arts in Singapore. To get the public more involved, visitors to the SAE can vote for their favourite art work. A voting member of the public will stand to win a $500 DOME Café voucher via a lucky draw. Voting closes on 30 September 2009. “The Voters’ Prize”, comprising $5,000 cash, will be awarded to the participating artist whose artwork gets the most number of nominations from visitors to the exhibition.


Says Mr. Lim Chwee Seng, Director of Visual Arts and Resource Development, National Arts Council, “The Singapore Art Show is a dedicated representation of the vibrant and diverse visual arts scene in Singapore. It showcases artistic and curatorial talents, and provides a voice for other players in the arts ecosystem, such as arts institutions, spaces and galleries, clusters and collectives. The opening of the Singapore Art Exhibition marks the launch of an exciting six-week calendar of over 50 other partner programmes and outreach activities under the umbrella of the SAS. We are sure Singaporeans will enjoy themselves as they join in this celebration of visual arts in Singapore.”


Says Director of Singapore Art Museum, Mr Tan Boon Hui, "The biennial Singapore Art Exhibition is an important event for SAM as a contemporary art museum as it is an opportunity for us to turn the spotlight on art created by local talents. Its unique open call submission format for sourcing artworks broadens the styles and mediums of work that can be selected for exhibition. Each installment is thus a barometer of the state of contemporary art in Singapore. It provides an insight into what styles and issues artists are interested in and what are their central concerns at this point in time. While painting continues to be an indelible part of contemporary art, as seen in this year's show, newer, more challenging genres like installation and even interactive art are making their presence felt. The exhibition is a must see for anyone who is interested in a state-of-the arts showcase of what our artists are thinking about at this point in time."


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