22 January 2016





  • “Singapore’s Visual Artists” is a printed publication that profiles Singaporean visual artists who are currently practicing and who have made an impact in the arts scene through their practice.
  • Art forms represented are diverse and include drawing, painting, print, sculpture, moving image, photography and performance art. 
  • It was commissioned by the National Arts Council (NAC) and launched by Minister for Culture, Community & Youth, Ms Grace Fu, on 22 January 2016 in conjunction with the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Singapore Art Museum. 




  • The publication aims to provide easy access to information on our artists and generate greater awareness of Singapore’s visual arts ecology among the public.
  • It is both a reference resource for the general audience and a profiling platform for our artists to reach out to overseas audiences.
  • It will be distributed to public libraries, all schools, tertiary institutions, museums, galleries, non-profit visual arts groups, embassies and Singapore foreign missions around the world. 




  • Artists were invited to be featured in the publication, based on recommendations by an external panel comprising industry professionals and field specialists from public institutions, arts education as well as independent experts.
  • A total of 286 living Singapore visual artists are listed.
  • Artists are listed according to their last names.
  • Each artist is briefly introduced together with an example of his/her work. The artists’ bios and images of their works were collected and compiled with their consent.
  • The Foreword is by Ms Kathy Lai, Chief Executive Officer, NAC.
  • The NAC also commissioned two distinguished curators to provide an overview of the visual arts scene in Singapore:
  1. Shabbir Hussein Mustafa, Senior Curator, National Gallery Singapore: “The Question of Art in Singapore”
  2. June Yap, independent art historian and curator: “A Brief History of the Singapore Visual Arts Scene”