Singapore Biennale 2006 - List of participating artists, exhibition sites and programmes




4 September – 12 November 2006


(Vernissage:  1 – 3 September 2006)




List of Participating Artists

Exhibition Sites and Programmes


The Singapore Biennale 2006 (SB2006), Singapore’s inaugural international biennale of contemporary art, will open to the public on 4 September 2006. This major international contemporary art exhibition will feature more than 80 artists and artist collectives from over 35 countries including Singapore. It will be the first significant cultural event to bring contemporary visual art practices into the daily lives of Singaporeans.



Through the conceptual framework of BELIEF, the curatorial team led by Artistic Director Fumio Nanjo, have invited a rich and varied selection of artists to examine the complex questions that surround and inform the questions of belief, which manifest in contemporary society. Under the theme of BELIEF, this groundbreaking cultural event will be experienced across the unique cityscape of Singapore - one of Asia’s most extraordinary examples of cosmopolitan faiths, values and cultural heritages.


“The basis of the artist selection was generated by the way in which their practices engage with the complex and multiple dimensions of belief” Artistic Director Fumio Nanjo remarks. “In fact, many of the artists are participating in a biennale for the first time, though this was by no means a criteria for selection.  A further consideration was the unique characteristics and challenges of the exhibition venues.  This was also key to identifying artists and how their works would engage with the Singaporean public. I hope that this exhibition will be a stimulating, enjoyable and perhaps even stirring experience for all.”



BELIEF takes many forms, and the selection of artists and art works, which will include: architecture, biotechnology, drawing, installation, new media, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, sound projects and video, will reflect this. Many of the art works will be specially commissioned new works.  Some of the more internationally recognised artists participating in SB2006 include Shahidul Alam (Drik Picture Library), Shigeru Ban, Amanda Heng, Jenny Holzer, Eduardo Kac, Mariko Mori, Carsten Nicolai, Jaume Plensa, Agus Suwage and James Turrell (For the full list of participating artists, please refer to Annex 1).  


In addition to the core team of curators, more than 35 networking curators from all over the world have also been invited to contribute information on artists. These networking curators were selected based on their expertise in specific geographical regions as well as in specific mediums (For profiles of the core curatorial team and full list of networking curators, please refer to Annex 2 & 3).



Consideration of BELIEF is also reflected in the choice of exhibition venues. A number of art works will be placed within a selection of religious sites in Singapore, with the aim of cultivating thoughtful and unique encounters between historically important spaces of belief and art. Other exhibition sites include City Hall, the stage for many historic events associated with Singapore’s nationhood; public spaces along the shopping thoroughfareOrchard Road; a Housing & Development Board (HDB) estate that provides affordable public housing for Singaporeans and Tanglin Camp, a cluster of colonial buildings that previously housed major departments of the Ministry of Defence. (For a full list of exhibition sites, please refer to Annex 4).


Two young architects, Josh Comaroff (Lekker Design) and Mark Wee (Kennel), have also been appointed as the Exhibition Designers for the Biennale. In order to meet the variety of challenges and contexts offered by the unique choice of exhibition venues, they will be working closely with the curators and the artists on the installation of the artworks for SB2006. Exhibition signage, amenities and public access will be an integrated feature of their exhibition design.



The Singapore Biennale’s opening event on 2 September 2006 will feature specially commissioned art projects. This event will take place at the Padang, in front of City Hall, one of the Biennale’s main exhibition venues.



Alongside the Biennale exhibition the ongoing Encounters series of talks, workshops and events will continue up to and beyond the opening of the biennale in September, involving many of the participating artists. Walk the Talk - an audio guide will also be launched to guide visitors around the Biennale exhibition through 50 listening points across the 16 venues, providing information about the artworks and the contexts in which they are being viewed.


SB2006 television programme has also been planned, with the objective of demystifying some of the preconceived notions about contemporary art and making it more accessible. Conceived as a mass broadcast television programme it will bring the presence of the Biennale into the homes of Singaporeans. 


A series of education projects focusing on primary and secondary school children will accompany the Biennale. This programme will also include a number of artist residencies and workshops.



Prior to the opening of SB2006, a free fact sheet will be published giving full details about the Biennale. A comprehensive short guidebook listing all artists and exhibition venues will also be available at the opening of the Biennale. This will be followed by a full colour catalogue published after the opening, which will include installation photographs of the exhibition and documentation of all aspects of the Biennale. An updated version of the SB2006 website will be launched in mid April with a full listing of artists and sites, in addition to useful travel and press information.



South East Asian Art Practices During the 1970s (working title) will be curated by Ahmad Mashadi and Wong Hoy Cheong at the Singapore Art Museum. This exhibition will bring together works from the Singapore Art Museum’s collection, archival materials from the 70s and reconstructions of seminal works from the period. This exhibition will focus on a much overlooked period of contemporary art practice in which South East Asian artists were establishing new relationships within the larger, socio-political spheres of society.


Other aspects to watch out for during SB2006 will be the VivoCity Public Art Project.VivoCity, a new lifestyle destination mall, has commissioned 13 permanent sculptures by 6 international artists. It will be opened as part of SB2006’s programme on 20 October 2006.  These artworks will offer Singaporeans a different perspective on artworks sited within the public sphere.



Another unprecedented move in the Biennale circuit will be the collaboration of three Asian Biennales on a joint promotional campaign, carried out for the first time.  From 1 to 9 September 2006, the Singapore, Shanghai and Gwangju Biennale openings and events will take place in succession.  Bookings of joint travel packages to the three Biennales will be made available from end March 2006.




Key Events

Singapore Biennale Club Night : 24th June 2006


Media Preview : 1st to 3rd September 2006


Inauguration Ceremony : 2nd September 2006, Morning


Opening Party : 2nd September 2006, Evening


Exhibition Period : 4th September to12th November 2006


Closing Event : 11th November 2006


Related Events

Opening of Exhibition at VivoCity : 20th October 2006



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