Singapore Arts Festival Presents Dulcinea Langfelder & Co


Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. (Canada)




Date: 18 - 20 June 2004, 8:00pm
Venue: University Cultural Centre Theatre
Tickets: $42, $32, $22
Duration: 85 minutes (no intermission)


Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Gouvernement du Quebec


“A not-to-be-missed tale of death and dying handled with tenderness, respect and – believe it or no t- humour, as only Dulcinea Langfelder can… Teetering on the brink of physical and emotional impossibility, “Victoria” is her best work yet.” - The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1999


“I haven’t seen a fusion of performer and artifice so clean, so magical, well… ever.”  - The Montreal Hour, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2001


Her wheelchair is not just her rocking chair, it’s her prison, tango partner and flying chariot. Hang on to your seats as Victoria, a 90-year-old Alzheimer’s disease patient, revs you up with her zest for life! 


Victoria is a fascinating multidisciplinary creation by the talented Dulcinea Langfelder & Co from Canada. Set in a hospital, Victoria, the protagonist, recalls a series of real and imaginary episodes in her life. Played by 49-year-old Dulcinea Langfelder, Victoria begins her sentences, loses her train of thought, finishes her phrase, and when she finally finds the word she has been searching for, she cannot remember why! Through Victoria’s whimsical imagination, thorny issues of illness, dementia and death are dealt with skilfully in a witty, moving manner. 


Founded in 1985, Dulcinea Langfelder & Co. is known for creating and staging works that cross disciplinary and cultural barriers. When Victoria premiered at the Agora de la Danse in France in 1999, it was classified under dance and when it was showcased at the Centaur Theatre in England in 2000, it was labelled theatre. Dulcinea Langfelder herself works as a choreographer and/or actress in theatre, cinema, music and musical theatre. Her versatility and inspiring performances have garnered her the title, “Personality of the Year in Dance”, an honour that was bestowed on her in 1990 by the Montreal daily, La Presse.


Share Victoria’s suffering as well as her triumphs - join us for a spellbinding performance that blends the past and present, dance and theatre, with pathos and joy. 



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