Singapore Arts Festival Presents Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker (Brazil)


~ A New Season Blossoms ~


28 May – 20 June






Asian Premiere


Contains images of nudity


Date: 18 & 19 June 
Time: 8:00pm
Venue:  Esplanade Theatre
Tickets: $62, $52, $42, $32, $22 
Duration: 80 minutes (with intermission) 

Post-show Dialogue with Deborah Colker on 18 June

“15 of the most handsome, well-drilled and disciplined performers you could ever hope to lay eyes on… Just when you think you’ve seen every move the dancers have in them, they surprise you.” ~ The Washington Post


“…snazzy, jazzy, sexy, slick and lovely…” ~ The New York Post


Dance enthusiasts who were wowed by Deborah Colker’s debut at the 2000 Singapore Arts Festival with the hit show Rota will once again be dazzled this year by MIX.


An eclectic blend of exhilarating choreography and gravity-defying gymnastics, MIX comprises excerpts from Colker’s first two works, VULCÃO and VELOX. The result is a flamboyant, heady work that is part pop culture, part contemporary dance and part sport.


MIX is divided into sections with symbolic titles such as Machines, Fashion Show and Passion. Machines is a study of mechanical movements while the succeeding segment,  Fashion Show, is a parody of the catwalk. The last section of the first act, Passion, is an intense, pretty, funny celebration of how love can go wrong, featuring an eccentric selection of love songs from Elvis Presley and Barry White to the Rolling Stones and Donna Summer.


In the breathtaking finale, Mountaineering, Colker’s choreography is likened to “vertical dance” as the dancers acrobatically climb, swing, do back flips and handstands on a wall studded with tiny grips for support. Colker makes the most of men’s masculinity with impossible feats, while the women get to shine by showing off their flexibility and dexterity. Colker’s dancers are exceptional athletes and gymnasts, using their hyper-controlled bodies to showcase stylish exercise routines in MIX.


Deborah Colker a Brazilian choreographer of Russian-Jewish origin, has created six full-length dance pieces for her company – VULCÃO, VELOX, MIX, ROTA, CASA and 4POR4. She was the first Brazilian to receive the 2001 Laurence Olivier Award, one of London theatre’s most prestigious awards, for “Outstanding Achievement in Dance” for her choreography for MIX.



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