Singapore Arts Festival 2007 Presents Cogito




25 MAY - 24 JUNE 2007








By Checkpoint Theatre (Singapore)


~ World Premiere ~


7 – 9 June, 8pm


Drama Centre Theatre


$50, $40, $30, $20


70 mins (no intermission)


Post-show dialogue with the artists on 7 - 9 June


In Checkpoint Theatre’s latest Festival commission, Cogito, writer-director Huzir Sulaiman returns to the local theatre scene with a psychological thriller that examines the fragility of human identity through a compelling play set in the not-too-distant future.


In commenting on his work for Cogito, the inaugural winner of the Writing Fellowship jointly awarded by the National University of Singapore and The Arts House, said “I’m excited about the challenges this presents: dealing with mature, nuanced themes -- such as grief, loss, identity, and hope -- in a form that is simple and pure, yet accessible, engaging and full of life in all its complexity.  It certainly represents a new phase in my writing and directing, and I feel fortunate to be working with such a wonderful team of designers and performers who can contribute to this vision.”


Collaborating with him are Checkpoint Theatre’s co-artistic directors, digital artist Casey Lim and actress Claire Wong. Together with Sulaiman, the three theatre stalwarts jointly founded the company after working together on Occupation for the 2002 Singapore Arts Festival. Since its inception, Checkpoint Theatre has rapidly established itself as one of Singapore’s leading theatre groups and performed at the 2004 Singapore Arts Festival where they successfully premiered OpiumeCogito is also Wong’s first full length stage performance since Crossroads 2006: An International Women’s Contemporary Theatre Festival where she co-created and performed in the piece Recalling Mother. The multi-talented theatre practitioner has established herself in both the local and international arts scene, having written and directed for both the stage and screen, as well as performed to both critical and popular acclaim. In this production, she is joined by fellow theatre veteran Neo Swee Lin who will play the role of her onstage double.


Characteristic of Checkpoint Theatre’s focus on uniting strong writing and acting with creative mediums offered by technology, Cogito will be complemented by Casey Lim’s evocative digital art and video images.


“The joy of live theatre is that it brings together hundreds of people for a shared experience that itself unites many different crafts and pleasures; the journey from the page to the audience’s ears and eyes brings together those who wrestle with language, send words out into space, create images, sculpt light, and energise spaces.  It’s a collaboration of craftsmen that seeks, in the end, to make a connection with that audience.  That’s the crucial thing. In our fragmented world, it’s human contact that remains more valuable than ever.”  Writer-Director Huzir Sulaiman


To find out more about the creative process behind this new production, join the artists for a post-show dialogue on 7 - 9 June for an insight into their experience in creating this world premiere.


Please find the following annexes enclosed for information:

Annex 1 – Synopsis of Cogito

Annex 2 – Director’s Profile

Annex 3 – Profile of Cast and Creative Team

Annex 4 – Company Profile