Singapore Arts Festival 2006 - Closing Celebrations by Puja!


Arts Festival 2006


~ One Season. Many Faces. ~


1 – 25 June




Closing Celebrations


K@osmos by Puja! (Spain)


 Date :  23 - 25 June 2006
 Time :  8:00 pm
 Venue :  Open field next to Choa Chu Kang MRT station
 Duration :  40 minutes
     Free admission

Supported by the Embassy of Spain


Spanish group, Puja!, aims to break barriers between artists, audience - and gravity - with their award-winning production K@osmos. Be awestruck by the stunning display of acrobatics, music, lights, magic, theatre and fireworks all at a height of forty metres off the ground, asK@osmos bring this year’s Festival to a breathtaking close.


K@osmos features eight performers on a gigantic, spherical steel frame weighing 100 kilogrammes hoisted forty metres into the air by a crane. Suspended in their aerial position, the performers will present beautiful cosmic dances in mid-air, surrounded by lights and live music while the audience watches from the ground.


Puja! was formed in Argentina in 1998 and have staged numerous shows combining various disciplines of theatre, circus, dance, vertical sports, architecture, engineering, multimedia and live music.  Based in Spainsince 2002, Puja! received the Fira de Tarrega San Miguel Prize last year for best outdoor performance K@osmos. The prize is awarded at the annual La Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tarrega or Tarrega Street Theatre Festival, the most important international performing arts market inSouthern Europe.


The multi-faceted K@osmos culminates with the customary Closing Celebrations fireworks display.