Singapore Arts Festival 2006 - A Stranger At Home



Singapore Arts Festival 2006

~ One Season. Many Faces ~

1 – 25 June 06





Drama Box (Singapore)

World Premiere


 Date : 8 – 10 June
 Time : 8pm
 Venue : Drama Centre
 Tickets  : $50, $40, $30, $15
 Duration : 100 mins (no intermission)


Supported by Hong Leong Foundation

Post-show dialogue with Kok Heng Leun on 8 June


Singapore’s cult icon and young filmmaker Royston Tan makes his first entrance into the theatre scene this June with the world premiere of the Singapore Arts Festival 2006 production A Stranger At Home by Singapore theatre company Drama Box.


Named the "Top 20 Asian Heroes" by Time Magazine in 2004 for his boldness in filmmaking, Tan creates a new film to link the dramatic spaces which Drama Box’s artistic director Kok Heng Leun carves out on stage. Kok crafts a world of intertwining emotional journeys where different characters explore their existence and nostalgic attachment to places and memories. Adapted from an original play by Singapore playwright Dr Quah Sy Ren, the play also draws inspiration and adapts texts from a book by Dr Quah and Singapore writer Ng How Wee titled If On An Island, A Wanderer.


A Stranger At Home is a showcase of some of Singapore’s most promising talents from theatre, film and even music. In a rare collaboration between a Singapore English indie band and a Chinese theatre company, one of the country’s most sought-after indie band The Observatory will also be providing 11 soundtracks, of which one is specially composed for this new play. Among these compositions are 7 new or previously unreleased works by the space rock and electronica ensemble.


Said Kok, “The Observatory’s hauntingly beautiful music captures the mood of the play perfectly. At the same time, Royston’s cinematic magic bridges the isolated emotional spaces on stage. Through the interplay of the actors’ acting as well as the film and musical elements, I hope that the emotional undercurrents in the play would seize the audiences, and fill them with the urge to hug someone beloved at the end of this spiritual journey.”


Performed in Mandarin and Hokkien with English surtitles, the play features some of the country’s outstanding young theatre actors such as Li Xie, the 2005 recipient of the NAC’s Young Artist Award for theatre, as well as talented set and costume designer Hella Chan. Li was accorded the Life! Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Chan the Life! Theatre Award for Best Set Design in 2006.


To find out more about the creative process behind this new production, join director Kok Heng Leun on 8 June after the show for an inspiring session on his experience in making this world premiere.


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  • Synopsis, Credits and Cast List
  • Profile of Creative Team and Performers
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