SAF 2005 - post theatre new york | berlin


Singapore Arts Festival 2005


~ The Season of Brilliance ~


26 May – 26 June





post theater new york | berlin (USA/Germany/Japan) 

Asian Premiere


 Date : 15 & 19 June / 16 - 18 June
 Time : 7.30pm / 7.30pm & 10.00pm
 Venue : Play Den, The Arts House
 Duration : 70 minutes (no intermission)


Supported by HIBIKI Japanese Restaurant


“…has to be praised for their experiment between theatre and electronic worlds”– Neues Deutschland, Germany


Post-show dialogue with Max Schumacher and Hiroko Tanahashi


Enjoy an inspired re-telling of a famous Japanese consumer electronics corporation’s global economic success at its anniversary dinner.  Set in heaven atop a dinner table, Heavenly Bento invites its 30 audience members to assume roles as the company’s board members, and enjoy a sumptuous multi-media performance and story of two Japanese visionaries who influenced the history of consumer electronics.


Artistic and performance directors Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Schumacher present a cutting-edge theatre performance combined with dance, live generated video and electronic music to narrate a global cultural epic.  The protagonists, tough businessman Akio Morita and his technical wizard Masaru Ibuka, present an abstract bento box full of pictures, anecdotes, victories and defeats of the inventions of their enterprise.  A delightful and ingenious piece of theatre-making, Heavenly Bento is also a deeply provocative piece, reflecting the influence of technological and economic development on society and consumer demand, and vice versa.


post theater new york | berlin is a network of independent artistes who incorporate other forms of artistic expression in theatre performance to explore the multi-layered relationships between man and machine.  Their Asian premiere of Heavenly Bento in Singapore features local veteran thespian, Lim Kay Tong, Japanese performer Jun Kim and Japanese dancer/choreographer Kazue Ikeda.


Performed to sold out audiences at its premiere in the Bonn Biennale in June 2004, Heavenly Bento promises to be a delectable bit to sink your teeth into.


Please refer to the attached annexes for more information:


 Annexes - Synopsis
  - Director's Note
  - Profile of Directors and Performers
  - Credit List
  - Profile of post theatre [new york | berlin]