SAF 2005 - The Living Dance Studio


Singapore Arts Festival 2005


~ The Season of Brilliance ~


26 May – 26 June




The Living Dance Studio (China) 

Report on Giving Birth



:  11 & 12 June 2005


:  8 pm on 11 June; 3pm and 8pm on 12 June


:  University Cultural Centre Theatre


:  $32 (Free standing show)


:  80 minutes (no duration)


 Contains some scenes with strong language and adult themes not suitable for children


“…her piece captures a raw, disturbed feminine essence. Some in the audience cry…” – Beijing Scene


Post-show dialogue with Wen Hui on 11 June


A workshop to discover how body language in daily life can be applied creatively in choreography will be conducted by Wen Hui on 12 June from 10am – 12pm at UCC Dance Studio*.


The mother of China’s modern dance and founder of The Living Dance Studio, China’s first independent dance theatre company, Wen Hui(文慧), invites you to enter the artistic womb of China’s contemporary dance in Report on Giving Birth. Conceived in collaboration with Wu Wenguang(吴文光), established filmmaker and co-founder of The Living Dance Studio, Report on Giving Birth presents a riveting interpretation of intimate acts of everyday life in modern China.


Based largely on women’s real experiences and set at various child-bearing sites, Report on Giving Birth looks into the social conditions of Chinese women, relationships between both genders and the role of women in contemporary Chinese society. Together with a group of designers and performing artists, Wen and Wu shed a different light on quotidian activities – washing dishes, making beds, folding clothes, giving birth and making love.


A multi-media dance theatre production with a strong feminine feel, Report on Giving Birth skilfully incorporates various forms of modern dance theatre with the use of video installations, music, sets, and lights. By combining dance movements with everyday materials such as recorded speech, snapshots and household article, scenes from daily life are transported onto the stage before the audiences’ eyes.


Report on Giving Birth is the fruit of four years of research and conceptualisation and has performed to audiences in Beijing, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal. The Living Dance Studio’s debut in Singapore promises to be an intense experience for audiences in Singapore.


Please refer to the attached annexes for more information:


  • Synopsis
  • Profiles of Creative Team and Performers 
  • Production Credits
  • Profile of The Living Dance Studio