SAF 2005 - Outreach Programme


Singapore Arts Festival 2005


~ The Season of Brilliance ~


Outreach Programme


28 May – 26 June


 KIDSFEST  28 May – 1 June
 Late Shows   28 May – 19 June
 Special Events   28 May – 18 June
 Weekend Highlights   28 May – 19 June
 Flipside  27 May – 19 June
 Arts on the Move  28 May – 26 June
 Asian Showcase  5 June – 26 June 
 Closing Celebrations  24 June – 26 June


Be tickled, engaged and swept into the arts buzz wherever you are, with some 400 free and fun performances and activities by over 3500 artists from Singapore and around the world. This year’s Singapore Arts Festival Outreach Programme will further intensify the vibrancy of the Festival in all corners of Singapore and get everyone involved in the arts, anywhere, everywhere and any time.


“The Outreach Programme brings some of the most enjoyable and interactive components of the Arts Festival to everyone, young or old, right at their feet.  Wherever you are, anyone can be part of the Festival and immerse themselves in the fun the artists bring.  The all-embracing appeal of the Outreach events also makes it so easy for anyone to get involved in the arts.  Whether as an important member of the audience or a valued partner sponsoring or jointly presenting the shows, we hope everyone will come and be part of the excitement,” says Ms Chua Ai Liang, Deputy Director (Festivals), National Arts Council.


A new Asian Showcase spotlights traditional Asian art forms, presenting the old flavour and richness of cultural performances in fresh contemporary ways for today’s cosmopolitan audiences.  Drawing audiences into close proximity with traditional street performers of yesteryear are three free events: Teater Rakyat, Therukkoothu Mahotsavam and Pasar Theatre.  Teater Rakyat at the Malay Heritage Centre incorporates creative contemporary elements to capture the spirit of traditional Malay arts such as bangsawan, randai and makyong, presented by Indonesian and local Malay art groups.  Bhaskar’s Arts Academy presents Therukkoothu Mahotsavam, a popular Indian folk theatre with an eclectic mix of comedy, music and dance.  The audience will be captivated by the rich gestural language and stylised body movements, live music and a unique colourful array of costumes.  Pasar Theatre relives the classic tradition of street entertainment, with story-telling, Chinese opera, folk singing and cross-talk, traditional art and craft making and “cinema-on-wheels”, promising good wholesome interactive fun for the whole family.


The Asian Showcase will also see the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society with the Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir in an inaugural joint performance in Kala Yatra.  Chinese Theatre Circle presents a reworked 50 year old script on Kublai Khan involving 80 performers from Singapore, China, Vancouver and Hong Kong.  The Temple of Fine Arts present Vishwa Vinayaka with artists from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and India.  For the first time in 24 years, the Golden Blossom Cantonese Opera Troupe led by their leader and veteran star Lee Heung Kam presents Cantonese opera in Singapore presented by Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre Foundation.  People’s Association MESRA showcases Malay arts and culture with Gentarasa while the Chinese Opera Institute will showcase the Rising Stars of Beijing, Huangmei and Teochew operas from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.


Regular Festival Outreach gems KIDSFEST, Special Events, Weekend Highlights, Arts on the Move, Flipside, Late Shows and Closing Celebrations continue to present the finest in arts entertainment for everyone.  KIDSFEST will beguile children from the ages of 4 to 14 with four hours of enchanting, fun-filled theatre and music performances, juggling and puppetry.  Jointly presented by the National Arts Council and ACT 3 International, there will also be chances to get in the act – make a puppet, sculpture or grab the chance to be a circus performer for a day with KIDSFEST.  Dufflebag Theatre from Canada entertains with Romeo & Juliet Without Tears while Mask Actor Kevin Tomlinson will put audience in stitches with his stories in Around The World In 80 Days & A Zany Famous Tale.  Mehdi Naimi will put kids in a creative mood to build a Giant Dump out of recycled materials.


Everyone gets into the arts groove with the Special Events. Go down under a transparent stage floor and catch dance from a most unique perspective with Mirando Al Cielo.  The Community Drumming Festival involving some 2,000 youths from 10 educational institutions in a passionate outburst of expression and thumping activity that will drive up adrenaline levels.  Street Revolution – Passion in d’ streetZ is the event for the young and young-at-heart with 16 days of colourful and energetic festivities at the Youth Hub in Orchard Road that include street graffiti, local live band performances as well as fashion displays and an exhibition of Asean’s rich cultural heritage entitled “Culture Shock!”. 


Weekends will be busy with Weekend Highlights for all to join in.  Rock On Singapore is a concerted feature by 17 of Singapore’s hottest bands delivering high energy performances right in the heart of Orchard Road.  Bop to the pulsating rhythms by Electrico, The Observatory, Fatskunks, Ugly in the Morning and more.  The Kids Feststretch offer even more programmes for the young audience, with storytelling by the Children’s Theatre Company of Canada, a workshop to create an environmentally friendly “sculpture” or the Heartbeat Percussion Band’s rousing mix of Asian fusion, Samba and Latin music.  Croon familiar favourites in Sing-a-long: A Night of Thousand Voices with your family, neighbours and friends as well as local veteran singers such as Maggie Theng and Lu Da who will make guest appearances.  Drumming Explosion, a major percussion spectacle will hit the right notes with audiences through the night with an incredible line up featuring Generation Nouvelle from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Australian trio Circle of Rhythm, Hands Percussion Team from Malaysia, as well as other home grown talents like Girls Percussion, Rhythm Masala and Tribal Tide.


The Late Shows at The Arts House features some of our best entertainment hosts ‘live’ in person with their own stand-up shows.  Catch our very own Kumar, Najib Ali with Malaysia’s Sheila Majid, Capital Radio 95.8FM deejays Qiu Shengyang and Xu Huimin, as well as Malaysia’s cooking bibik Kenny Chan as they keep you entertained and laughing late into the night each week. 


The well-loved Arts On The Move will stop those out and about in their tracks with fascinating performances from giant puppets, interactive mime acts to pulsating dance music by both local and foreign groups, which includes Mime Unlimited presenting a wordless tale of young love, frustrated relationships and a merry battle with out-of-control limbs.  Some of the major arts centres also get into the Festival fervour with their shows.  The Esplanade presents a kaleidoscope of performances including wacky, offbeat carnival offerings such as Ristorante Immortale and Aqute Couch, in both in their theatres and outdoors by the bay in Flipside. With three weeks of lively, off-kilter and fun performances, Flipside promises to bring out the adventurous side of your with a combination of physical theatre and mind games as well as free outdoor performances comprising street theatre antics and music performances from local singers like Wendi Koh and Nick Shen.  Events@The Arts House presents Design for Passion, featuring Australian designers in studio glass art, contemporary homeware, body art, fashion and even in cinematic art.


The Closing Celebrations will wind up the month-long Festival fervour on a high note with The Stroj from Slovenia – an irresistible feet stomping percussion performance using recycled materials as well as live-video projection.  The pulsating celebration concludes in a breath-taking climax with fireworks lighting up the night sky.


This year, the Festival is also pleased to offer patrons and artists a wide range of dining privileges and accommodation deals in various top hotels and dining outlets.  Details of these promotions are in Annex 1.


We invite you to help publicise the Festival’s Outreach shows and Festival Promotions to your respective audience.


For more information and the schedule of all events under the Outreach Programme umbrella, please refer to the following Annexes:

Annex 1 & 2: Promotions for Festival Patrons
  Outreach Ticketing Information
Annex 3: Outreach Calendar of Events